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Still here... I promise

Saturday, March 12, 2011
I have a serious case of spring fever.

I have the urge to clean my windows, paint our kitchen, paint our porch, clean out our garage (AGAIN), and to go visit the local nursery for plants and flowers. I have an even stronger urge to pack a lunch, throw on the oldest, most comfy jeans I have, wear the sweatshirt with holes in it, grab a fishing pole, and head to the lake.

Am I going to do any of that? No. It will probably really be August by the time any of this happens, hehe, but I know it will all come in due time.

Instead, I am daydreaming about all the things I love about spring… all the things I love about the great outdoors… and about all the stuff that I haven’t marked off on my list. :)

I know you’ve been waiting for my post on my snowtubing trip, since I so blatantly announced that I WOULD be going. Well… life got busy… busier… and then it was 50+ degrees outside.

So, I suppose snowtubing won’t be the next thing marked off my list. Boo. :(


What to do… what to do…

As if I don’t have enough going on, I am actually contemplating all this. Something is chemically wrong with my brain, isn’t it?

You can tell me… I can take it.

So, I’ve tried to figure out what will be next. And I pretty much know what it will be. But, I’ll wait to announce that until I actually do it, since last time I think I jinxed it. :)

Until then, here are some snapshots of what has been keeping me busy, what will be keeping me busy, and what will keep me from going spring cleaning crazy. :) 

We finished up our basketball season (already blogged this, I know, but promised pictures - thanks to Dawn for sharing!): 

The kids, Kathy, and I spent a day at Newport Aquarium with Jake's preschool class. 

I hung out with some of my favorite ladies celebrating the wedding shower and wedding of a childhood friend (and Cilla, Tiffany, and I had a sleepover at my house for the first time since college or high school!). 

Of course, my hot hubby was there, too. :)

Met Maria at the wedding (and loved her, thankfully, since we will be spending a weekend in Nashville, running!).

Have eaten my weight in Girl Scout cookies (and sold a few boxes too - if you ordered from Bailey, I promise your boxes will be delivered by the end of the week). 

Mentally prepared for Brad to leave on a plane... to go to Jacksonville, Florida... while we stayed here and dealt with a dusting of snow in March and Bailey with a bad cold. :(

Trained for the half and hoped to avoid more injury and obstacles. 

Started planning for two very special parties for the two most important kids in the world (my world, of course)

And, coming soon...  

T-ball. It is on. Practice has officially started. Jake is so excited that he cried when we had our team meeting last week and didn't actually play ball. Praise the Lord... he's not going to kill us this year. Hahahahaha. Yeah right. 

My best friend finds out the sex of her baby (although I already know in my mind what it is). :) 

March Madness. Download your bracket at Our Cups Runneth Over and get a 20% discount to 62Cards.

Spring Break. A short trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Ohio before the kids spend the week on mini-vacation in eastern Kentucky. 

Then, it is completely on... when I take on Nashville with my girls, run a half marathon, and enjoy my first girls' trip since my kids have been born. I know, I can't believe I typed that either. :)

Can someone please tell me where I can find sleep? :)

Oh, but I am not complaining. At all. As a matter of fact, I love it all. And, I know how blessed I am. I know that it can change in an instant. This blog reminded me of that this week. Please jump over there and read about Lucy and the fight she is having with brain cancer. She's 5... and she is an angel in need of as many prayers as she can get. I don't know her, but all I can say is that I read the blog... perused some of the pre-cancer posts made by her mother, and decided that this could have as easily been my blog or the blog of one of my friends. I simply have thought about her and her family day and night. Really. I can't stop thinking about them. And, I simply must share her story so that all of you loving and praying readers will send up your thoughts for her. I know you will all pray... and I know your prayers work. :)


  1. Love this post! A busy life is the only way to be. Makes life fun! SO excited for Nashville!