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Sunday, March 13, 2011
It is already the middle of March. I think I've blogged twice this month. 

There are so many things that I love about this time of year. But here are the highlights for me: 

On March 13, 1999, Brad and I went on our first date. Yes. It has been 12 years. We have been together our entire adult lives. It is pretty insane when we think about that. I think it scares the hell out of both of us. :) For fun... this one takes me back... :) Hahaha! Happy Anniversary, babe. I love you so much more than I did on that first date... although, I am pretty sure that I knew without a doubt that we would be here one day. I hope you can tolerate me a little longer. lol. 

PROM 1999!
My firstborn, Bailey, was born in March. Oh, how that day will ever remain etched in my mind. Her little face, her hands, her feet... the fear, pain, and joy... all in one. I still can't believe it's been almost 6 years. It feels like yesterday. 

She was so teeny tiny. And she grew  is growing so fast. 

Basketball. I don't watch it (much) until March. And, when the Madness starts, I quickly become an expert. Haha! I love it... because there are upsets and slaughters... close ones and blow outs. You see who has heart. And, to me, that's what I enjoy seeing in sports more than anything else. Heart. Passion. A love for the game, pure and unaltered (that's also why I love youth sports - it's the innocence and passion for the sport that drives kids). Oh... and GO WVU! We really want to watch this again (although our view will be a little farther away).  

Then, there is the spring... Daylight Savings Time... and more sun. I need a tan. In a bad way. So, I really, really hope that the sun comes out and I can get that tan soon. Otherwise, I am going to have to breakdown and get a serious makeover to learn what foundation really works with my skin tone. :) 

Happy March... enjoy the Madness!