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Six Years Ago...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011
... I was starting a whole new journey. I was becoming a mother. And there is so much for me to say about it. Consider that fair warning. :)

Dear Bailey,

I cannot believe you are six. Is it possible that you have already surpassed the baby years, the toddler years, and are now nearing your teenage years? That's what it feels like to me. We moved to Lexington when you were only 5 months old. I remember us talking about schools and saying, "We have so much time to worry about that. It's definitely not a factor for a few more years." We blinked and you are already finishing your first year of kindergarten.
Ignore the date... it's wrong. :)

I could go on and on about the millions of things I love about you. Your sweetness, your thoughtfulness, your silly side. You remind me of your dad when you smile or laugh... you have his sense of humor and lighthearted smile. You remind me of me with your fiery personality and spunk. You never back down from a challenge - sometimes I wonder if I've let you be too aggressive. Then, I'm reminded of what one of my friends said about you one day. She said, "What I love about Bailey is that she is so confident. You can tell when she walks into any room or starts to try something new that she does not doubt herself at all." Gush. It's true. I've never met a more secure kid. You are so confident and strong. You walk into a room like you own it... and before we leave, you usually know everyone there and have made them smile.

You aren't perfect... of course. You are my child, after all. You have a temper. You get whiny when you are tired. You are a little on the sensitive side. I sometimes hurt your feelings just by looking at you the wrong way. But, that sensitivity is also part of what makes you so sweet. You tattle on your brother all the time, but you love him more than anything in the world. Your teacher is even impressed by how crazy you are about Jake. He is completely your best friend... and he really always will be. I hope you remember that later. 

The past year has been full of growth in so many ways. Not only are you growing physically - you are now in big girl sizes (7) - you are growing mentally. You can read. When I met with your teacher in October, she said you were already at a 1st grade level. I can't wait to our next conference so that I can hear about how well you are doing. You are a great student.

You were the first child in your class to get the student of the month. The reason you got it was because you were such a good friend to each person in your class. I believe that, too. You took $5 that your mamaw gave you a couple of weeks ago and went to the Dollar Store. Four of the children in your class are quadruplets and were having a birthday. You bought them each a $1 gift for their birthday and took it to school. You were so proud. You worry when one of your friends are not at school for any reason.

I love that you think so much about other people. You love your friends, even when they aren't always nice to you. I love that you still believe in people and that you are loyal. I worry that it will hurt you later, because of that sweet, sensitive side.

You are still young enough to believe in lots of things. I love that. You have lost two teeth. You loved that the tooth fairy came, but you were disappointed that your tooth fairy didn't leave you a note or anything like Emma's did. I told you that it was because your tooth fairy wasn't as cool. You thought maybe they'd switch out later. :) Again, because of your faith in things, Christmas was amazing with you. You were so excited to have Santa visit the house. You talk all the time about how we left out pumpkin pie because we didn't have any cookies and Santa ate every bite. We are pretty sure that he was sick of cookies anyway. :)

And, while you still believe in things, you are so rational. You think about things and whether or not they could really happen. You love to tell me about how the princesses at Disney on Ice were just skaters in costume last year. You love to talk about Miranda Cosgrove and the fact that she "acts" as Carly on iCarly, but that her real name is Miranda Cosgrove. I love that you have such good common sense. It makes me feel safer that you will make good choices when I'm not around to protect you.

Physically, you are developing, too. It's amazing to see how much you have grown over the years... how much of a little girl you are now in comparison to the baby or toddler that is forever etched in my mind. I can see myself watching you walk down the aisle to get married and envision you looking exactly like you do now... dressed in a dress up gown. :)

You have more energy than anyone, including me and your Mimi (my mom), if that's possible. I never thought it was, but I am being proved wrong. You want to sign up for everything. We want you to sign up for everything. It's a really tough balancing act. Since you turned 5, you have played spring t-ball, All-Stars on the all girls t-ball team, fall t-ball, Girl Scouts, ballet, basketball, and tennis. Yes. It's been a lot, but you have loved it all. That's what makes it tough. If you didn't like something, it would be easier to make cuts, but you enjoy it all. So, how do we pick? You have grown so much in each area. I see so much progress in how much you have matured in t-ball. We just started back to spring ball and it's incredible when I compare how well you play now to how you were when you played last year and the year before. I'm so proud of how tough you are and how you adjust to each sport and activity so well. I am just certain that you are going to be so diverse and you are going to have so much knowledge about a variety of different sports and activities when you get older.I am terrified that we have you in too much stuff, but when we have days off, you tell me you are bored or want to go some place. So, I think we are still OK. :)

This was in Bailey's first year of t-ball!

This was last summer in All-Stars (look how much she grew!!)

My ballerina


You are so active and such a tomboy on some days and then you turn around and put on a pile of make up, a frilly dress, and want to have a pedicure. Everything about that makes my heart melt. I love that you can be so many things tied up in one little perfect girl.

By far, my favorite thing about the past year is how much our relationship has developed. We are already buddies... good friends. I know that you get embarrassed by my silly sayings and my questions about your boyfriends and all that already. But, I love that you don't lie to me. I love that you laugh about these things with me and you tell me the truth, even when I can tell you aren't sure you want to. You always make me smile when you tell me that you are going to live with me forever or that you don't really want to grow up and leave. Of course, five minutes later, you are telling me about how you will marry Austin and have 3 kids, a cat, and I can be your full-time babysitter, because you just have to make money. :) I promise that I will always take you seriously, even when I know your problems are small in the grand scheme of things. To you, they will mean the world and I promise I'll do everything I can to remember that when you need a friend to talk to.

I wish that you had more girls to hang out with, because I see how much you love my friendship with Cilla. You ask me how long we have been best friends all the time. I can tell you are longing for a best friend and you just haven't found that one little girl who you really connect with. If I could tell you anything, it would be that I was just like you. I had so many friends as a young girl, but I never had that "best friend" that you see on TV sitcoms. I know it is tough feeling that way. But, it works out in the long run... and you will have so many good friends in your life that will shape you and make you stronger.

Your relationship with your dad is something I love to watch, too. Sometimes you treat him badly and it makes me really mad. You get very impatient with him when he doesn't do something on your time frame. It sounds really familiar. I'm sure that it is somehow my fault. :) By the same breath, though, you think he hung the moon. He can fix anything. He is the only one that you want to take you to a book fair (for some reason). You want him to coach you at everything, but you don't always listen to him the way you should (maybe that's why you want him to coach... hehehe). You have one day each week that he makes you milkshakes. It is your milkshake day. And I could make it the exact same way and it's never good enough. You also think he makes the best chocolate chip cookies (you know, the pre-made kind) and no one else in the house should even bother trying. I see you look at him some days and I know that you are going to always be that little daddy's girl that he wanted from the day you were born. But, then, you throw out something like a C-A-T-S cheer in the middle of a UK vs. WVU game and I remember that you love to taunt him, too. :) He thinks you are the most perfect little girl in the world... and he is so proud of the beautiful princess you are becoming.

Everything about life with you is fun. I look forward to your smiling face every morning, even when it comes way too early and way too happy. I'm not a morning person, so sometimes I really don't look forward to you waking me up. But, anyway... :) You always make me smile... your laughter is contagious. I hope you continue growing just like you are right now... I just know that the woman you will become will be amazing. You will be tough and sweet... strong and sensitive... and as beautiful as any woman could ever be. High maintenance is probably also a possibility. lol.

I love you, Bailey. Happy 6th Birthday!



  1. cheryl said...:

    Love this! Happy Birthday, Bailey. You have an awesome Mommy who's always going to be one of your best friends and biggest supporters!