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Our Weekend

Saturday, March 26, 2011
And, I'm back to being a normal person again... not freaking out quite as much about something as simplistic as a running injury. Maybe I'll be able to overcome this injury and get back on the horse for the race. If not, I'll just deal with it and go on. Thanks for reading my whining post from a few days ago. :)

In other news, Bailey got strep throat on Thursday night, spent nearly the entire day on Friday in bed or on the couch, and has come back to reality with fierce energy. I still don't know why I am surprised by how fast kids rebound.

So, this morning, after missing t-ball because she was contagious until she had had antibiotics in her system for 24 hours, she was ready to go. We spent our afternoon at the Kentucky Ballet Theatre's version of Peter Pan. Jake ended the ballet in true man form... asleep. :) Bailey loved it like any little girl would love it. She and the other hundreds of Girl Scouts there were on cloud 9 with the performance. I have to say I was pretty impressed, too, despite the sleepiness that I also had from the cozy dark seat and cuddly, warm little guy sitting on my lap.

And, now, we are off for a date. No, not a date night for me and Brad. A date night for me and Jake... and a date night for Brad and Bailey. Brad is taking Bailey to Princesses on Ice and I'm taking Jake to a movie that he's already seen, but is determined to see again... Rango. 

Yes, they lived a very charmed life. 

Oh... and Go Cats. Yes, I said it. They beat my team. They beat the hated OSU Buckeyes. I kind of have to root for them. Just a little. 

Pics coming soon. :)