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Whose Juice Cup?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Jake is showing more signs of entering terrible twos, although he's only going on 14 months. Maybe it's just being the younger brother that's causing this, but he's definitely going through some phase here. Jake has never been able to drink orange juice because of the acid - it gives him a diaper rash. Of course, Bailey's favorite juice is nothing other than orange juice. Naturally Jake is determined to drink orange juice. Who wouldn't want to drink it? I should buy stock in it as much as Bailey drinks. As much as she goes on about it, I'm sure he thinks it must be the best juice ever. And mean old mom is just depriving him and spoiling that older sister once again.

Well... I've come to discover that the orange juice means much more to Jake than just juice.

Yesterday, Jake was doing his typical sneaking around while I was cooking dinner. He was trying to get the computer mouse when I wasn't looking. He was considering sticking his finger in an uncovered electric outlet when I turned my back to him. He was taking the blinds to the patio door and pulling on them, trying to get them to come off altogether... you know, typical Jake stuff. :) This time, I turned around to find him on his tippy toes pulling Bailey's orange juice from the table where she sat waiting for dinner. Amidst her yells of objection, he turned the cup up to drink. I, being the terrible mother I am, ran to Bailey's rescue and took the cup from him, handing him his apple juice. He proceeded to throw a fit and throw his juice cup at me before lying on his stomach in front of the patio door, crying. I tried to console him and distract him with the apple juice, but that was just not going to cut it. He wanted that orange juice... or so I thought. So, giving in to the whims of a baby, I poured out his apple juice and replaced it with watered-down orange juice. I handed him the cup. He refused. I put it in his mouth so he'd know it was orange juice. Still refused. I sat the cup on the table beside of Bailey's. I asked him if he wanted Bailey's cup and he became quiet. I handed him his watered down orange juice, saying it was Bailey's and he drank it with a smile. Is it orange juice he wants? Nope... he just wanted to show his sister he could get his way too. I guess he learned from the best. :)