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And the fights begin...

Thursday, May 15, 2008
I guess fighting would be an appropriate title for this week, since my husband is away in Germany to assist my brother, Cory, as he prepares for a welterweight title against Alexander Frenkel (the fight will be on May 17). They arrived in Germany at about 3:30 this morning (our time), safe and sound.

So, I guess I should have expected my son to decide that this week would be the week to begin defending himself against his sister. Yesterday was the day it all came to a head for Jake. Bailey has been pushing him down every chance she gets for about two weeks now. She'll take things away from him, just for the sake of showing him that she can. His frustrations have been building each time and he's responded with tears and screams, which usually results in me spanking Bailey, or taking toys away from her, or just scolding her to tearful apologies. So, when Bailey pushed Jake down yesterday, I was expecting the same response. Much to my surprise, Jake pulled himself to his feet and slapped Bailey in the face. The look of shock on her face was priceless. I'm sure it is probably not nice for me to laugh about the fact that one of my children slapped the other, but it was truly hilarious. What was even funnier was that Bailey didn't figure it out with one slap. This scenario played out several times throughout the afternoon. A few hours later, Bailey took a toy from Jake and I saw the teeth literally come out. Fortunately, I made it across the room to them and stopped Jake from biting his sister. It's now going to be interesting... I'm sure that my parents will laugh at me and tell me it's time for some serious payback for all of the years my brother and I spent fighting.

Maybe those fights made my brother tougher and will help him to win his bout this weekend. :)