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Almost Yellow Grass

Wednesday, May 7, 2008
When we compare Bailey to members of my side of the family, my middle brother, Cory, is typically the person was compare her to the most. They have some very strange similarities and have always been known for their energy and attention-getting personalities. It is not often that Bailey reminds me of Colt, my youngest brother. His personality is much more like that of Jake's... quiet, laid-back, relaxed... So, today, when Bailey reminded me of Colt, it was noteworthy.

I took Bailey and Jake to the park today. We were the only ones there, so Jake was wandering around and I was following closely behind. Bailey was running back and forth between the slides, tetter-totter and swings. It was one of the only times that I've been able to just let them go without concern that they would get hurt or hurt another child. I returned a call to my friend, Cilla. Amidst our conversation, Bailey came up and told me that she needed to pee. I told her that we would go home and go to the bathroom and come back. While I was trying to round up Jake and talk to Cilla, I turned my back to Bailey. When I turned back to get her, she was in the grass, shorts and panties around her ankles, sitting to go pee. I rushed over to her, laughing hysterically, and pulled her clothes back on and rushed her to the car. I couldn't help but laugh. In some ways, it was my own fault. A few months back, we were on our way back from Ashland and she needed to go to the bathroom. I had to pull over on an exit without a restroom and let her pee in the grass. I guess she thought it was OK to do this anywhere!

I had a complete flashback when this all happened though. And yes, Colt would kill me for telling it. When Colt was about the same age as Bailey, we threw a pool party at my grandmother's for Cory's baseball team. Colt was very accustomed to swimming in his little white underwear and hopping out of the pool to pee in the grass. So, low and behold, in the middle of a huge party, he jumps out of the pool and runs over to the fence and starts peeing in front of everyone. Cory and I were mortified!! Everyone found it hilarious, except for us. :)

Anyway... it's nice to finally have something that I can tell Colt that Bailey gets from him. Maybe it's just one of those Joe Dirt things... maybe these things are just bred into us rednecks from eastern Kentucky. :)