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Painted Nails

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
I woke up on time (uncharacteristically) this morning. It was nice taking my time to get ready, with the kids and Brad sleeping soundly in the next room. I had prepared everything for our day back to day care and work, so the morning was going smoothly. Bailey woke up first, straggling into the bathroom, gently swiping the hair from her eyes using both hands. She was in a good mood, which made everything that much easier. We made our way to her closet. That's where things always get interesting lately. Bailey is getting in that stage where she likes to pick out her own clothes. I urged her to wear a pair of yellow shorts and an orange shirt, and she agreed. Thinking that the hard part was over, I plopped her up on her bed to get dressed and proceeded to fixing her hair. Halfway into the pony tail I was working on, Bailey decided that she needed her nails painted - toes and fingers. It had to be done before day care... Is she 3 or 13?