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A fun play date... sans photos

Wednesday, February 2, 2011
I was going to start off this post with a picture of three amazing children having a blast at Monkey Joe's. Those three kids were adorably dressed (all color-coordinated in brown, all unplanned). The before picture would start out the evening with clean hair and hands. The after picture would show them sweaty and red-faced from a full evening of fun. (Add some red and blue lips from the Icees they had and you'll get a full mental image). 

There would also be a picture of me and the mother of the adorable girl, Allie (who Jake calls his girlfriend and spent the whole evening following around like a little puppy). We would be chatting it up at a table, talking about all the things that women talk about when they have kids that are around the same age, or if they've worked at the same place before, or if they know each other's families, or if they just need to laugh about something they've done or said or seen. 

Yet... something happened to prevent those photos from actually being taken.

And, no, I didn't lose my camera again. 

You know that little beautiful girl, Allie, that I was talking about? Well, her mom and I had so much fun just talking and enjoying ourselves... that we, well, completely forgot to take pictures, lost track of a couple of hours, and proceeded to practically shut Monkey Joe's down. In all seriousness, we left a good 45 minutes before they closed. So, we didn't really shut it down. I was exaggerating. :) 

My point is... I love having kids this age. I love that they are running and playing and jumping and shouting and having a blast. Meanwhile, I am talking and laughing and commiserating and catching up with one of my sweetest friends in the world. And only once or twice did we have to stop our conversation to check in on the kids. Monkey Joe's was a ghost town, with only about 5 other kids in the entire building. And Kristyn and I just got to hang out and enjoy and catch up. 

And it was fun. Lots of fun. For everyone. And my son now has his first real crush on a girl. And, I have to say, both of my children have great taste. :) Although, Kristyn and I are concerned about any future marriage... not because of the relationship that could exist, but because we know that Allie could in no way take Jake's last name. 


Unless she is a basketball star... which could totally change our perspective.



  1. That sure was fun! And, ending the night with my DAUGHTER peeing & pooping in the men's room urninal may have been priceless. Let's do it again soon!