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One less job... no more chauffeur (to Brad, at least)!

Sunday, January 30, 2011
I am no longer sharing cars with my husband. 

I am no longer his chauffeur. 

I am finally the owner of a new vehicle. 

And, no.... it is not a minivan. :) 

We considered it. 


I even almost bought one. 

But, then... something told me it wasn't right. It could have been the sick feeling I had in my stomach when dealing with the finance person, who said he'd given me his best deal, but then retracted said statement when I told him it was too much, and offered to take it lower. I am sure it's all part of it... I know it is... but sometimes you just know something isn't right. 

So, I bailed. 

Shortly thereafter, I decided that a car was in my future. A nice, mid-sized, safe car would be the better choice. 

And the research began. It took me a long time to determine the types of cars that were most safe... which ones would make the most sense for a mom and two kids (and a husband sometimes, too). :) 

I have to say... if you are looking for a used car, you need to go to www.cars.com. If you want to compare cars, they give you that option. You can enter in up to four different types of cars and compare them to one another. It has every detail you can imagine about the vehicles, down to how many cupholders are available. It truly was a lifesaver. Or a sanity-saver, in my case. :) 

It helped. I knew there were certain cars that I was interested in looking at. 

So, we went shopping. With the kids. Car shopping with the kids. Yes, it was fun. lol. 

I had decided that despite all the positive reviews on the Ford Fusion, I was going to go with a Camry, a Saturn, or a Sonata. I don't know why. All of them had very similar reviews, all had little differences, but none that would make or break the deal. However, I was bound and determined not to buy a Ford. It doesn't matter to me that we have had three Fords in the past 10 years and they have all been dependable and safe. They haven't had many problems at all (except most recently with the Escape, which is 8 years old and has been driven very hard). But, in my mind, a Ford was out. 

So, you know what I bought, right? A 2008 Ford Fusion. :) 

The price was right (or close to right). The mileage was good. The car is loaded, with the exception of leather seats. It has everything, including a very sport little sunroof, which reminds me of my fabulous convertible Mazda Miata and the sunroof on my Ford Escape. I love it. 

It is gray. Just like our truck. Just like our Escape. I swear... it wasn't on purpose. I don't really know how this continues to happen. It's like we are meant to have gray or silver cars. Always. And here I thought I might finally get another red car. Oh well... I still love it. 


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