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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

While I normally would say something more along the lines of "Eat now, eat early, eat often" or even "Drink now, drink early, drink often," this phrase completely applies to what I'm thinking about today.

And, no it isn't politics! I won't go there, in fear that you will disagree with me and stop following. :)

I'm thinking about the Baby Bundles of Lexington Model Search contest! The contest winner in each category receives a photo shoot with my best friend, photographer, Priscilla Baierlein. Since you ALL know how much I love my best friend and her work, you MUST know that I HAD to enter this. Plus, it would be really awesome to see my little man's photos all over Lexington, promoting a great new kid's clothing shop.

So, I entered Jake. I couldn't enter Bailey because she was already out of the size range of clothes the store has to offer.

Jake is in the Boys 2T-4T category. Please go to Facebook and "like" Baby Bundles of Lexington. Then, proceed to their photos section, select the album named 2T-4T Boys Model Search, and find Jake's photo. "Like" his photo to cast your vote.

And, just so you know what photo to look for, I'm listing it here:

While you are on there, please vote for these three adorable little boys, as well...

Jackson, who is in the 4-6X Boys category:

Carson, who is in the 0-24 months Boys category:

And, Joseph, who is in the same category as Jake (2T-4T Boys):

If you need help, let me know... and if you want to forward this on to EVERYONE you know, it wouldn't hurt my feelings in the slightest! :)

Thank you and love you all!