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An Exciting Announcement

Monday, February 21, 2011
So, I know I hinted around that there would be a great announcement soon. 

Have you been sitting on the edge of your seat? I just know you have. I just know it. :) 

Without further ado... 

Three of my best friends (see here for full description of how much I adore these ladies) and I are launching a new joint blog! What started out as a joke, to a certain extent, evolved into an idea that we fell in love with. We teased that a joint blog would be a wonderful thing for us to do together... and it became something we quickly realized we truly would have fun with... an idea that we could really pull off together. All of us have different backgrounds. We blog about different things (well, except maybe me and Dawn - we tend to blog on the same nights and sometimes about oddly similar topics - it's somewhat scary). We all love to blog. We all have full lives... and (most of the time) we wouldn't have it any other way. Living life to the fullest is something that we are all inspired by. The idea of learning and doing and enjoying everything we can in life is really what we all hope for. Thus, the name... 

Our Cups Runneth Over

No, we aren't talking about our breasts. Sorry for all of you male readers that were hopeful this is where that was going. :) 

Instead, we are talking about anything and everything else. We have plans to feature some incredible guest bloggers. Some of them have already submitted posts for us... they are truly wonderful. We have plans to talk about parenting. But, you don't have to be a mom or a dad to enjoy our blog. We all love our babies (present and future), but we all love having independence, too. We will talk about marriage. We will talk about arts and crafts, sports, photography, food (of course - c'mon... you know I'd have to talk about food), and fashion (don't worry - I will be the blogger that is reading this one more than writing it - hahaha!). There will be short blogs and long blogs. You might like my posts. You might not. You might find that Cilla or Dawn or Rebecca write in a way that you just can't stop reading (I know I can't). 

In any case, I think you should check it out. We are launching today. We are so excited... SO excited. :) Jump off a hay bale excited. :) 

Please cruise on over and read. And, sign up to follow us through e-mail or on Twitter or on Facebook. Do it early... we are going to give away a $100 American Express card to one person who signs up to follow us. The drawing will be held on March 17, as we culminate our "week of green" celebration for St. Patty's Day! 

As always, I love you guys and I'm so appreciative to have you reading. I'm not going to stop blogging my personal journey on here, so no worries. I'm just hoping to have fun blogging with some awesome other ladies on Our Cups Runneth Over, too!