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Mushy post about my girlfriends... :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010
I started this post about these three amazing friends of mine like a month ago. And, no matter how many times I edited it and reviewed it and re-wrote it, it just never did my girls the justice they deserve. So, I deleted it. All of it. And, tonight, I am trying again.

I am reminded of how difficult it can be to write about the people you love when you know that they are reading it. Why is it so hard to find the perfect words? I don't know, but I wish it were easier for me to share with you all how wonderful these three ladies are and why they each mean so much to me in a different and equally special way. 

I have mentioned on at least one occasion how my dad was in the military and we moved around a lot as kids. Well, as I developed my deep love for change, I also developed this uncanny ability to separate myself from groups of people easily. No, I do not have some social disorder that keeps me from making friends or keeping friends. It just has never been difficult for me to have friends and not speak to them for a period of time. It bothers many of my friends. I am sure that I have actually lost a great deal of really great friends (or at least lost touch with them) because of this "ability." Add that "ability" to the fact that I dearly love to hang out with guys and talk sports, politics, and action flicks, and you have the perfect equation for me - a girl with a small group of close girl friends. 

Now, some people see that as a negative. Some would even venture to say that I won't let people get close. And, some people would be partially correct in both places, I suppose. 

However, I love all of my friends, close or not, deeply. I just am not good about keeping in touch with them all. Enter Facebook and Blogspot and things change a little. :) 

Anyway, I think God has given me some really incredible friends throughout my life. Many of them have been there for me through wonderful (and horrible) situations. Many of them have only been a part of my life for a few months, while others have been a part of my life for years. Some enter my life for a short period, are absent for a while, and then re-enter without missing anything. I am thankful to God for each and every one. 

I guess because I know this about myself and know that things change so quickly, I want to savor this moment of great friendship between myself and these three incredible women. I don't envision any of them going any place any time soon, but sometimes it feels good to acknowledge how much people mean to you... you know... while they are actually interested in hearing about it. lol. 

Now, girls, remember... I know that no matter what I write here, it's not going to be enough to make you understand how special you are to me. So, instead of making this an ultra-mushy post (it's already there, right?!), I thought I'd list my favorite things about you in whatever way I can. Bear with me. :) Extra mushy... I just can't help myself. :)

Cilla... my best friend for life... my right-hand... my soul mate in every single non-Lesbian way... the perfect complement to my right-brained personality. :) I love... 

  • ... how you can justify anything I do, even if I am completely acting insane.
  • ... how you always know what the scoop is on Days of our Lives.
  • ... that you don't even try to have a drink anymore. Pepsi or alcohol... well, at least the alcohol part is right. :) 
  • ... that you always think it is a good idea to go out to eat. 
  • ... that you are more obsessed than I am about the Twilight series. 
  • ... that you still talk to me about your photography business and actually care about my opinion, when you so totally have it all figured out.
  • ... that I can tell you the most embarrassing things ever and know that you will make me feel completely normal. :) 
  • ... that I can tell you about any crazy dream I have and it will never, ever top your bees with parachutes dream (are you sure you weren't smoking something that night?). 
  • ... that you listen to me talk about running when you really think it is just insane that I actually want to go and run. 
  • ... that when I have a crappy day, I know I can call you and just vent like crazy. And, then, I'll feel better.
Rebecca... my drinking buddy... my running partner... the mom I know will always be ready to pack the kids and go try anything... the person who reminds me that we don't have to act old, even if we are just hanging out at the house all weekend. I love... 
  • ... how you tell me the brutal truth that I need to hear, when I need to hear it. This is a good thing. I promise.
  • ... how you always know what is going on in the entertainment industry and how you educate me (without even knowing it) when you tell me about any post-90s music (other than country, of course). 
  • ... that you and Brad and Paul always recite movie lines that I don't know, but it's funny watching you guys re-enact them... much funnier than the actual movies ever were. 
  • ... that you are always up for anything... if I need to chill out with a drink, you are ready. If I want to run a mile or 6, you are ready. But, you don't mind if I say, after deciding that we should run, "Nah... I don't really want to go now." :)
  • ... that you always know where I should go for the perfect toy, shirt, or any various item and where I can get it at the best price. :) 
  • ... that you become overly-obsessed with things like Christmas presents and birthday presents, just like me. 
  • ... that you are so thoughtful about sending the kids cards (like the Halloween one that I keep forgetting to thank you for). And that you are raising such a cool kid for my kids to hang out with. 
  • ... that you NEVER cheat on Catch Phrase. Ever. :) 
  • ... that we can have so much fun and never have a deep conversation, but when we really need to talk, we can talk for hours about the most serious issues. 
  • ... that you inspire me to be a better Guitar Hero player every time winter rolls around. :)
And, Dawn... my e-mail buddy. hehe... the one person I know that I think responds to nearly everything exactly the same as me... my running mentor (even if you would hesitate to call yourself that)... my newest close friend. I love... 
  • ... that I know I can e-mail or text you after each and every run or basically anything else I do and you will respond (quickly, too) and really care about what in the world I'm writing about. :) 
  • ... that you are so incredibly thoughtful and you remember everything (this is probably where we are most unalike - I am a terrible friend when it comes to this). 
  • ... how you love to plan things and you hate when plans fall through. I feel so less alone knowing that I'm not the only person who has these "issues." 
  • ... how I can ask you virtually any crazy question about running and you will actually have an answer or an example when someone else has dealt with it. 
  • ... how your list is so similar to mine in so many ways, but yours is so much more giving.
  • ... that we have grown so close in such a short period of time... and that we are always dealing with so many of the same decisions at the same time. It is so wonderful having you to bounce my thoughts off of. 
  • ... that you are OCD... and organized... and a great task master. lol. :) 
  • ... that you actually would be happy if I called you fat. Or a cow. Or somehow insulted you in any other way... so that you would be encouraged to run. Like I could ever do that. 
  • ... that your little boys are such awesome kids and that they are getting used to hanging out with our kiddos. And, that my man Jackson is giving Bailey a run for her money. Show her who is boss, Jackson. :) 
  • ... that you approach everything with the same "fix it" attitude.
  • ... that you and I can seriously laugh through e-mail for like an hour over a completely misunderstood e-mail message. :) Still laughing about it, by the way... 
This doesn't even begin to put a dent in all of the wonderful things that I think about you. But, I do love you girls. I know each of you are going through different things in life right now - some good and some bad... and some just emotional. We all have ups and downs and days where we just wonder how in the world we can deal with it all. I know that you guys are always picking me up and making me smile every time you get a chance. I hope this one will make you guys happy... and at least know that you are loved. :) 

And, just to show you guys how thoughtful Dawn is... 

As part of her list, she is doing a random kind act each month and sending a handwritten note each month. I was the happy recipient of both this week. I'm not sure if she counted it on her list, but I do. She completely surprised me with a gift in the mail... a running shirt. I have been trying to figure out what kind to get for the winter and what do I find when I open my mailbox? A package from Dawn. I have to admit that I hoped I might be the recipient of one of her random acts over the next year. hehe... not that I'm so greedy, but I love being surprised. And, she totally surprised me. It made my day. I had no idea it was coming. And, let me tell you, I usually can see these things coming. :) It had been one of those bad days, too. I was late for work because I forgot Jake's breakfast on the way to school, so I had to stop. Then, I just lost my mind and drove right past the turn off for his school, which meant I had to drive about 10 minutes out of the way to turn around and get back to his school. It was just one of those days. So, it really made my day to get a nice surprise at the end! :) 

Here are photos of the adorable shirt (I leave all the cool photos to Cilla)... and the cute note from Dawn. 


  1. Dawn said...:

    Ha...I would be the first to respond...it's that OCD and quick response things. I have something in the future and you will now crack up when you see it...but until then...I just love you. Thank you for this. I am so truly blessed to call you one of my best friends. It's amazing how quickly God can bring two people together. And considering how it all started...who would have thought. In people's deepest struggles it's a great reminder to know complete blessings and silver linings can still happen.

    Also, I have moments I still catch myself laughing as well. I even had pictures to bring to Halloween. I have them out for the next time I see you :)

    Anyways, thank you again :). And, please, girl...you had to know sometime this year you'd be a recipient of a happy or handwritten letter :)

  1. andreaooten said...:

    Hehe... I would have put money on you responding first. lol.

    I almost sent this to you and said, "Should I wait and post this with yours? I'm sure you have been thinking along the same lines about doing something similar..." hehe...

    I agree... it is amazing how God can bring people together. So, so, so thankful for you. :)

  1. RebeccaLouise said...:

    This is friggin' awesome and has made me feel so undeserving of such nice words, but I am overjoyed that I get to be lumped into this most spectacular awesome foursome of ours and that Andrea can describe the friendship so eloquently, and what it means it her in every same, but different simple way. I had to stop for a moment, pull out a tissue from my purse where I keep my tampons and act like a girl and wipe my little girly tears. It's very cool to be thought of this way and your words mean a lot. I may even have to hug you when I see you next. :) This made my week.

  1. Dawn said...:

    Rebecca...you made me smile...a lot at this (ha...and I don't even know if you'll check back to read this). I think you said everything so perfectly here! So blessed we have such a wonderfully "spectacular foursome of ours." Thanks girls :)

    Oh...and Rebecca, if you do read this, read your post. YAY - so glad it went well. And if you need any help with Joseph in the next month - just let me know. We'd love to watch him for a few hours so you can rest or do whatever...Jackson would love the playmate :) And we suck at buying groceries so we have lots of room in our fridge (just not real convenient to get to for you :)). Anyways, loved how you summed up Andrea's post perfectly.

    Signed, Hallmark Copyright 2010

  1. andreaooten said...:

    LOL... I'm cracking up at your message, Rebecca. I wonder how sarcastic you were being about the tissue... or could it really have happened? Did I actually bring you to tears? Oh, pregnancy hormones... that's what it is. lol. We have the MOST awesome foursome. Definitely.

    We totally are going to put Hallmark out of business. Straight up bankruptcy on the way. :)