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The Perfect Gift

Wednesday, January 12, 2011
I have been dying to write this post for a long time. And, now I can finally post it... and then I thought I should wait a few more days. But, honestly. It's been a long time coming. And I really and truly just cannot wait. I've really wanted to write this for a LONG time. So... I just can't wait any longer.

If you have a best friend in the world that you really feel like is your family... 

If you have a best friend who you would do nearly anything in the world for... 

If you have a best friend who you know would do nearly anything in the world for you... 

... then you will understand why this post is so special to me. 

I have the best friend a girl could ever have. I know I've posted about her before and you guys are probably gagging over having to read more about how much this woman means to me. So, I'll keep that part brief. She really is incredible, but for the sake of keeping you reading, I'll just say that God broke the mold with her. 

Before I got pregnant with Jake, a little over 4 years ago (I can't believe it), Cilla and I had talked about her and Bret and their plan to start trying to have a baby. They started trying before we started trying to have Jake. So, when Brad and I decided to go off birth control and plan for our second child, it crossed my mind that our kids could be born around the same time. I was excited thinking about us going through pregnancy together. I was more excited about all the possibilities that us having children the same age would bring. After one short month off the pill, I was pregnant. No big surprise there... apparently I come from a long line of fertile myrtles who get pregnant easily (planned or unplanned). It was really tough for me to tell Cilla... I didn't want her to be upset that she still wasn't pregnant. Little did we know, that would be the beginning of many tough conversations. Looking back, it was probably one of the easiest conversations we have ever had. :) In all honesty, after all these years, I can hardly remember it. There are many more that I can recall so much more vividly. 

Through all of the struggles that Cilla and Bret have gone through in their quest to have a baby, I have watched (usually with my most optimistic smile in front of them and through large tears behind closed doors) as they have faced on every setback with such strength. Their faith in God has inspired me to strengthen my relationship with God. Their love for each other has only helped my relationship with my own husband. Their strong desire for a baby has only made me appreciate the two kids that I have that much more. It reminds me daily not to take things for granted.

After so many setbacks and discussions about the future, Cilla and Bret kept their focus... they kept their faith. On November 29, a day after I turned 30, my phone rang. I had been waiting... watching the clock all morning... I had been waiting hours, days, weeks, months, years for this phone call. And I was terrified. I swear, I think I was as nervous as I was when I took my very own pregnancy test. I dropped the phone (twice) while trying to answer it. Seriously, it could have been a scene from a movie. I was so excited and so scared to hear the voice on the other end of the phone. What was I going to say if the test was negative? How could I ever console her (and Bret)? How could I help? Please God, let it be positive.

Thankfully, I got the very best birthday present, one day late of course, that I could ask for. A glowing voice on the other end of the phone... with good news. With GREAT news. Cilla is pregnant. 

She is now entering her second trimester. She can start telling people (she posted this tonight to announce it). She can breathe a little easier and feel as safe as any other pregnant person about the success of this baby. She has no idea if it's a boy or a girl (although we have nicknamed him big boy and bully for reasons that he'll (or she'll) never quite understand). :) We have all cried tears of joy... prayed prayers of thanks... prayed prayers for a healthy bouncing baby. Regardless of whether it's a he or a she, this baby is a miracle baby to all of us who love Cilla and Bret. It is an answered prayer from hundreds of praying people. It is going to be the most spoiled, loved child. Trust me... I have big plans for some serious spoiling. :)

I am so excited to see how this baby grows... to see it's beautiful little face... to hold it when Mom is so tired from those sleepless nights... to get it all riled up and screaming  and laughing when Bret and Cilla are just wanting it to calm down... to let my kids teach it all the things they shouldn't do and then send it home. :) I can't wait to meet him or her and to tell it how much it is loved... and how much him/her simply being a part of our world has made the whole world a better place. 

Congratulations, Bret and Cilla. I know it's just the beginning. I know there are plenty more peaks and valleys until you raise this little one up to adulthood. Trust me... it will change your life.... hahahaha. I can't wait to be a part of the journey... and I hope you know how much I have loved being a part of it this whole time, even in the deepest valleys and toughest times. I wouldn't trade you guys for the world, and while I wish that you had an easier time getting to this place, I know that God really does have a plan. We just have to stay out of the way. :)  I love you... ALL of you!

And to all of you who have prayed and wished and sent positive vibes toward Cilla and Bret, sometimes not even knowing what you were praying for, thank you. God is good. :)


  1. Andrea said...:

    I am moved by the whole big mess of love :) Between you and Cilla. Cilla and Bret. And the world and Cilla. She's a special lady! Thanks for the beautiful post :)

  1. jas said...:

    Andrea this is a beautiful love letter to Cilla and Bret! You are absolutely right...God did break the mold when he made our sweet Cilla! I'm just beyond thrilled to meet this baby!

  1. I'm overwhelmed and just cry every time I even think about reading this again. I just can't do it. I love you more than I could ever express it. I just honestly don't even know what to say. I don't know what I've done in life or my previous life (lol) to deserve someone like you in my life. I can only pray that I will be half the mom and woman that you are. Thank you again for being my rock.

  1. I wanted to come back and read this today and I think it is even more beautiful the second time around. So so beautiful!! Even better than I imagined when we talked yesterday :). Love you both.

  1. andreaooten said...:

    Aww... girls, thank you so much for reading. :) I am so happy that you all enjoyed it. I'm sorry for the tears, Cilla, but I mean it. You really rock that much. :)

    Andrea, Jas, and Dawn, I know you girls know exactly how true everything I said about Cilla is. She's just incredible. Thanks for always being so good to me and so good for her. It means so much!