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... and the next list item will be...

Thursday, January 20, 2011
Drum roll... please. :) 

Well, before we get ahead of ourselves here, I have to say that I really considered all of your responses. I even tallied them up a few different times to see if I could figure out which list item was the one that I should do next. 

And, you know what I learned? You guys are just like me. You can't decide either. Hahaha! I'm so happy I'm not alone! 

All of you actually made really good points as to why I should or should not do this or that. 

There was a five way tie on what I should do, which I found quite hilarious, because it's pretty much exactly how I felt. 

It came down to: 
Snow tubing
Tango lessons
Painting class
Ice Skating 

I learned that I'm really terrified of doing karaoke. I mean, extremely terrified. I might never even mark this one of the list because I really am TERRIFIED. So, that one got ruled out by me. :) 

Brad overruled the tango lessons... I think he will do it eventually, but not now. 

This leaves me with snow tubing, painting class, and ice skating. 

It is going to be snow tubing. 

I ruled out painting class by looking at the schedule at the Living Arts & Science Center and seeing that I couldn't swing any of the classes available. 

I ruled out ice skating (at least temporarily), because I know that I'm an enormous klutz and I could totally see me having an injury from ice skating that would prevent me from training for the half. That would be very disappointing. 

So... snow tubing it is. :) 

And, I must say that I'm pretty excited! The kids are going to love it... I'm going to love it. Now, just to find time in our crazy schedules to go... oh... and the money. Haha. Always the money. :) 

I do have to say that I'm a little disappointed in myself for not having the nerve to do karaoke. We have a babysitter for Saturday and the perfect opportunity to go out with friends who will support me in making a fool of myself. Yet... I just can't make myself do it. So, for all of you who wanted me to totally humiliate myself in front of a group of people by singing, I have every intention of doing it. It just might be when I'm 80. :)