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Just slightly tired...

Sunday, September 12, 2010
It has been a busy and fun-filled weekend, but I am exhausted. It could be the near 10-mile walk that I took tonight on the Legacy Trail with Rebecca and Dawn. We had very good intentions to run, but well, we enjoyed a long walk instead. 

I don't know about Rebecca and Dawn, but I was starting out kind of tired. On Friday, I made a quick trip to Grayson to drop off the kids to my mother-in-law. Then, I turned around and headed home. This was after a day full of cleaning and volunteering at Bailey's school. When I got home, Brad and I took advantage of having no children at home and went on a run. It was the first time we've ran together... um... I think ever. :) It was nice running with him, even if I felt like I was making him take baby steps the entire way. We joked that I walk faster than I run, but I proved that wrong on our three-hour trek tonight. lol. Anyway, we got cleaned up and had a date night and finished the night off having miniature heart attacks watching the WVU/Marshall game. Oh... and if you didn't know, WVU won. 

We woke up on Saturday, after sleeping in, which was fabulous, and quickly got ready to grocery shop and run a few errands so that we could make our way to marking one more thing off of my list... watching a UK football game. Of course, to complete this experience, tailgating had to be involved. And, it was. We had a great time, tailgating for about 5 hours before the game, and then watching UK beat WKU easily from our seats 5 rows back in the end zone. We were pretty happy campers. 

We got home, gave Paul and Brad a hard time for crashing out before we could actually go out to a bar, and then I, too, found my pillow. 

Then, we got up early this morning and went to pick up our kiddos, who were completely exhausted from their fun-filled weekend at the Septemberfest and spending time with grandparents (on both sides) and cousins. 

All of that + Ending the day with that three-hour walk = one really tired Andrea. :) 

Is it the weekend yet?


  1. Dawn said...:

    Um but yet you still found time to blog...I am SO very impressed...like seriously impressed :). I had every intention but was just too pooped...so I made an outline for a future post instead. I had a great walk...and great conversation and Brandon only worried for a few seconds that apparently I was never coming home :). Now I'm hoping my right shin allows me to get out of bed in the morning. But well worth it. Looking forward to the next walk/run...and, of course, pizza and beer tomorrow night!