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The Circus

Wednesday, September 1, 2010
Friday night was a chance for me to mark one more thing off my list - taking my children to a circus. I have been planning this one for a while, so I was happy that it came when it did, especially since I've been a little bit frustrated by the limitations that my gallbladder caused and the list items that I wasn't able to do as planned because of my surgery. Not only did it make me feel like I'm still living my life and doing what I want, we had a great time! I haven't been to a circus since I was probably about 12, but I remember it very clearly. My great-aunt and great-uncle took me and my brother and another little boy to Charleston, West Virginia to see it. We had such a good time. It was especially significant in my mind because it was at a time in our lives when money was really tight and we didn't go to events or anything very often. The trip to Charleston was as fun as the circus! But, I do remember being fascinated by it all, especially the animals and the tight rope walkers. I guess some things just never change. They were my favorites this time, too. :) 

The kids really had a good time. Of course, we had to spend $12 on cotton candy and a magician's hat, but at least they had a souvenir and settled for sharing it. :) Jake was really tired, so he just kind of sat in a trance-like state and watched it. I think he enjoyed himself, but he was exhausted. Every time we asked him if he was having fun, he looked at us as if he were so sick of us asking him and said, with a high degree of frustration, "YES." He fell asleep at the very end of the circus. Bailey was a bit more emotional about it, yelling and cheering for them the whole time. Brad's expression when he heard and saw Bailey cheering so much was hilarious. I guess he hadn't really seen her at an event like this since we went to Taylor Swift, where she learned that it was really important to cheer. :) It was really cute. It was also wonderful to have Brad there. I really didn't realize how much easier it was when you aren't outnumbered by the kids. I didn't have anyone climbing on me and I actually got to see the show. It was really nice. 

I probably was the most impressed by it. I am such a big dork. But, I couldn't help it. I still try to figure out how they do magic tricks and all of the logistics behind getting a person from one place to another, etc. And, I am extremely fascinated by the animals and by the tight rope walkers. I think my fear of both just makes me feel exasperated when I see that people can stand in a cage with 15 lions and not pee all over themselves. Just the same, I cannot even begin to imagine trying to ride a bike over a tight rope. It makes me sick just thinking about climbing the ladder. I love to watch it though. I was biting my nails the entire time they were on the tight rope, just thinking about how horrible it would be if they fell. I think I'm a natural pessimist. I can totally envision all the bad things that could happen to someone when they do these risky things. That, or maybe it is just a mom thing. I don't know. :) 

Anyway... it was a great time and I am so happy that we went. Here are some of my favorite photos from the night. 

The acrobats were incredible... 

The cotton candy was delicious... 

... and sticky, especially for OCD little boys... 

Yes, that is a girl standing on a bar between the bicycles on a tight rope... entirely too high off the ground. 

Daddy's little girl

Before the cannon goes off... 

... as it goes off. 

Before Jake completely crashes out.

Bailey cheering.

The amazing elephants, but a