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Thursday, September 23, 2010
Can you tell I downloaded photos from my camera? :)

Well, I did for one very specific reason. I wanted to get a post about Bailey done tonight. Yet, instead, I've been entirely focused on Jake or running lately. I would feel guilty, but Bailey has a way of being the center of attention almost always. So, not guilty.

But, since we are on the subject of being the center of attention, I just can't pass up the chance to talk about her ballerina skills. On Monday, it was observation day at her ballet class. Jake and I were able to actually go into the studio to see the class (normally, we sit behind a mirrored glass) and watch, but we can't really hear anything and I'm normally chatting it up with the other parents so much that I miss a lot.

Our daughter is hilarious. Adorable. A diva at heart. And not flexible at all. Well, maybe sometimes she is, but for the most part, she is just like me. Her knees bend every time she tries to touch her toes, no matter what. And that just sucks for her... she'll spend a lot of her life wondering why in the world other people can touch their toes without bending their knees while she just can't. Trust me. I know... things like cheerleading, gymnastics, and ballet require such abilities. lol. Fortunately, she will eventually chalk it up to something like "I have tight leg muscles because I'm so strong" or something equally as ridiculous. :) Or maybe, just maybe, she'll learn to be flexible. I learned to train my body to get faster... surely, she can be more flexible with time, if she wants to. :)

The best part about watching Bailey was to see her really enjoy ballet. She had the whole ballerina attitude, as I am sure you will notice in some photos. She truly tries really hard to do what the teacher says. And, honestly, she's not bad. She's a little stiff, but she's not bad at all. She's bigger than most kids in her class (at school and ballet), so it seems strange seeing her in comparison to these tiny girls. I'm sure that's something else she will deal with as she gets older, but I don't know. I was always a big kid, but I don't remember it being an issue, so maybe not. Everyone always thinks she's a year or two older than she is. In any case, she was a doll... and she loved to send me funny, posing-style looks when she saw me holding up the camera. Of course she posed. If the camera is on, Bailey is ON.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun to see her in this element. I love how she loves ballet, but more than that, I love how her personality fits whatever sport she is doing. In t-ball, she's all rough and tumble. In ballet, she's prissy and girly, with tons of attitude. At school, she's the complete teacher's pet and best listener ever (that is an entirely different post in and of itself).  At home, she's just plain spoiled. :)

My favorites from Monday...


  1. RebeccaLouise said...:

    I just have to say, there is nothing more pretty than a little girl wearing a pink ballerina outfit with her hair up in a bun on her head! Just SO PRETTY!