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Firewood anyone?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009
The snow quickly became ice and we spent all day on Tuesday cooped up in the house. No playing in the snow - we tried for about 5 minutes, only to show the kids that it was ice instead of snow covering our yard. We had hot cocoa, marshmallows, and popcorn, all favorites of the kids. And, Brad and I enjoyed soup beans and cornbread... so cozy. :) I'm so happy we had electricity and food and that we were safe and sound.

This morning, Brad ventured out to go to work. I was still asleep in bed when he went out to start his car and begin the de-thawing process. He woke me up to see our next home improvement project. This is what you see when you open up our door:

Yes, that is our tree, the beloved tree, that stands (or I should say stood) as tall as our house, giving us wonderful shade in our front living room, a sense of privacy, and leaves for jumping in during the fall. I'm sad to lose her. But, I couldn't be happier about how she landed - she covered our entire yard (a few branches in the road) and was able to keep from damaging our house. It was close at the front door... her top limb is touching the door and that's it. The funny part is that I heard it last night while I was sleeping. I thought someone had hit one of our cars, but when no one rang the doorbell and when I didn't hear anything else, I assumed that the noise had come from ice sliding off of our roof. Thank goodness it didn't come through our windows!!

Anyway... here are a couple more pictures of our wonderful ice storm.


  1. cheryl said...:

    That sucks! Our favorite tree in front of our house is bent, but not broken . . . not yet! I'm crossing my fingers. Glad you guys are all okay though!