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Sicky boy...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
As usual, Jake did come into our room last night to get in the bed. This time, I realized something was wrong as soon as he was beside of the bed. He was crying and when I picked him up, I realized that he was burning up with a fever. I placed him in the bed and tried to console him, hoping that he'd sleep it off (OK... so I know that never happens right now, but at 4 in the morning, it made sense). A few moments later, I heard a choking sound and rolled over to see that he was trying to prevent puking. I jerked him up and woke up Brad. Time to change the sheets. Got everything cleaned up, got him some water and some Tylenol... 20 minutes later... a repeat. So... on our last set of sheets and three or four towels later, I came to the conclusion that we'd have to work out our schedules. He had to get sick on the day that I would be going into the office. Selfishly, I wished he could have picked another day. But... that's just how it goes. Fortunately, Jake's illness is just a virus. The doctor says it goes through families a few times before it's killed out. So, let's hope that she's wrong. :)