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Sleepless in Lexington?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
As I mentioned last night, my little baby boy is growing up and becoming a big boy. During my time off in December, I painted Jake's room and converted his crib to a toddler bed, giving him the chance to officially be a big boy. He was so cute about his new room. I thought he'd glance around, jump up and down on the bed a few times and be done with it. But, he's still pleased. He likes to tell me about the colors of the wall and remind me that its new by telling me it is "pwetty (pretty)." His mamaw got him a little tv and dvd player for his room (yes, I know our kids have WAY too many electronics!). He absolutely thought he was big stuff when we hooked it all up. He was so excited... running around his room and saying "See... t-b." I was shocked by how much he liked it. I think more than anything, he was excited to have stuff like Bailey and to be able to show her that he is a big boy, too. Yes, we are going to have competition issues in our house. It's nothing we didn't expect... Brad and I have our own issues with competition. :)

Anyway, the point of this tirade is that Jake is now sleeping in a big boy bed... well, he is at least starting out in his own big boy bed. Our nights typically go as follows: I get Jake to sleep in his bed. Brad or I lay down with Bailey in our bed, where she falls asleep quickest and then we move her to her bed. About two hours later, we get in our bed, comfortably sleeping on our own side of the bed - my blankets tucked neatly in and not being touched by anyone and Brad sleeping with one leg out and his side of the sheet halfway pulled off of the bed. All is well. Then, in the midst of dead sleep on child will show up and either climb onto the bed without regard for where I am sleeping and weasle his/her way into the most comfortable spot for him/her. Not long after, the second child will find his/her way into the room and will also position him/herself into the next most comfortable spot they can find. Our night typically ends as follows: Brad and I lying on literally less than half of the queen-sized bed. Bailey and Jake sleeping most comfortably and soundly on the other half+ with our blankets halfway off of the bed, pillows falling in the floor, etc.

And while I always swore that this would never be us, and while I wake up very pissed off some mornings, I really wouldn't have it any other way. Yes, they get up too early. Yes, they beat us to death to wake us up on the weekends. And, yes, I usually end up wishing I had it in me to lock them in their rooms when one of them shoves their elbow in my face in the middle of the night. But... I still love those rare mornings that I'm awake before them and they are sleeping peacefully in the bed, all cuddled up and sweet. It will pass way too quickly.