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And the time has come...

Monday, January 12, 2009
We have been telling Bailey for about a year that she had better be nice to her little brother... that the time would come when he would fight back, would bite, hit her, and pull her hair, and he would be strong and/or fast enough to do it and get away. Well, that time is here. I now rush into the room where one of my children is screaming and crying to find that Bailey is all too often the injured party. Jake has figured out her weaknesses, especially the long flowing one that seems to always be easiest to grab when he feels the urge to lash out. Poor little Bailey (we used to say poor little Jake) is now getting her hair pulled on average about 5 times a day. And many times, it is simply because she is in the room when Jake gets ticked off. It doesn't even have to be something she has caused. Today, he fell down and landed on a toy... guess who got paid back for that? Maybe he's convinced himself that she left that toy for him to fall on... I'm not sure. But, I can tell you that this is one of the many signs that our sweet little boy is turning into a mischievous terrible two-year old. Take, for instance, the stiffening out and screaming that we receive when we have to drag Jake out of the tub after a 30-40 minute bath, in which the water has turned cold, his skin is shriveled, and the floor is soaked. Yes... that time is here. Hopefully it will pass by quickly.


  1. cheryl said...:

    Fun times . . . does Jake throw his arms straight up in the air too, to keep you from picking him up like my little guys do? And poor Bailey, it's going to be a rough year for her it sounds like! Welcome back . . . we've missed you, but we know how busy life is! :)