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T-ball... the end is near

Sunday, June 19, 2011
I'm sure you remember when I said that the kids were celebrating that school was out. I'm sure that you remember how Jake was so excited about not having to go back to school all summer (and how he thinks he never has to go again). 

Well, our t-ball season is coming to an end. We are in the full throes of our tournament... just one loss until we are done. While I hope that our loss doesn't come for a few more days, the kids aren't so sure. I explained to the kids a few days ago how the tournament works... and Jake celebrated like he did about school being over. 

He says he is never playing t-ball again. 

It. Is. Boring. That's the response I get from him every time I ask him about it. Oh. He loves to hit the ball. He'll even casually jog around the bases while we all scream our heads off for him to run faster. He smiles adorably when he makes it (usually because of a bobbled ball) and he celebrates like he hit a home run every time he crosses the plate. But, playing the outfield? Well, that's where he draws the line. There is no convincing Jake that it could be fun, even when he actually got to throw a ball in from the outfield to the infield a few weeks ago. He's just not interested in t-ball at all. He says it is just too boring. :) I kind of understand. 

Bailey, too, celebrated the end of the season. She was invited to play on the girls All Stars team again, but after much deliberation, we have declined. She was ready to not play t-ball again until (MAYBE) next spring. She had already said there would be no fall ball. Yet, she was tempted, for a brief moment, to play on the all girls team again... you know... where she could socialize with the other girls. As she threw a complete fit wanting to go to the pool instead of a ball game two weeks ago, I reminded her that there would be more games and more practices on days when she would want to be swimming if she chose to play All Stars. And that made up her mind about All Stars... in all of about two seconds. 

We are ending another chapter... perhaps for a season... perhaps for longer for one or both of our kids. Will there be t-ball games again in our future? Hmm... you never know... it is bittersweet for us. I certainly won't miss our schedules being tied down to one sport for so long, but of all the things our kids have been involved in, this is the one that we've probably enjoyed the most. We've made great friends... some that will probably last a lifetime. The kids have had wonderful experiences with their teammates, learning so many things (good things, like how to play on a team... and bad things, like how to spit sunflower seeds way too far). :) 

Who knows... maybe next year, Bailey will play softball... she loves to hit off a pitcher - and she can do it well. :) And, maybe, just maybe, Jake will change his mind about it being SO boring. We shall see.

More to come... about our vacation. I just have to get my camera back up to operating... you see, I dropped it in the sand and it now will not come on. :(