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Catching Up... version 1000

Wednesday, June 29, 2011
Since I've finally decided to blog about our vacation, I guess it's time to do the wonderfully fun thing of trying to get caught up on the rest of our lives! 

Bailey and Jake are loving their summer, despite the fact that it feels as if it is slipping further and further away, faster and faster. 

Upon arriving home from our vacation, we finished out our t-ball tournament (read more about that here). Then, it was time for Bailey to shift gears and become more dramatic. I know. I never thought I'd ever encourage more drama from the queen of drama in our house, but I did. I put her in theatre camp for a week at the completely, awesome, wonderful Lexington Children's Theatre. I would love to post the video of Bailey and her class performance, because it is quite adorable, but they've asked that we don't make that video public online. So... trust me when I say it was incredibly cute. Even Jake was interested in theatre camp after seeing her perform. If only they had a superhero session (hint, Lesley!). :) 

During Bailey's week at theatre camp, Jake spent a week with Morgan, his babysitter, enjoying running around Lexington, visiting his friends, swimming at the pool, and, of course, training Morgan on all things superhero-related. 

We had a great fun-filled night on Friday night, as we had promised a certain super-hero obsessed little boy a trip to the movies to see The Green Lantern. Sitting in the back of the truck, under the stars at the drive in, we watched about half of the movie before both kids were sound asleep. Who could blame them though? They had a big week... then they spent the entire evening chasing a football with their friends Logan and Cash while waiting for the movie to start. So, Brad and I snuggled up together (a rarity for us at the movies) and giggled to The Hangover 2. Friends, family, and a date. Does it get any better?

As if we didn't have enough going on in our lives, I have been wanting to continue with tennis lessons for the kids. So, I ran across a session that worked perfectly for our schedule and signed them up. They had their first lesson on Saturday. They loved it. Bailey wants to destroy the ball. If she gains some control, I wouldn't want to be on the other side of the net. She's incredibly strong for her age. She just has no control yet. :) Jake also enjoyed tennis, taking his time to listen to the teachers and really working on what they asked him to do. If you are interested, let me know and I can give you info... they didn't have a huge turn out on Saturday and I want to make sure they keep doing this! :)

Sunday was a relaxing day at home, with our friends, Shane, Tatiana, and Dina coming over for a cookout. As I mention in our OCRO blog What I love Wednesdays, we are really enjoying spending time with some of our "newer" friends. It's incredible to me how many wonderful people we have in our lives, from Carol and Casilee hanging out with us at the drive in on Friday, to Shane and his family on Sunday, from Joy and her family coming over this coming Friday, to the many little girls (and a couple of boys) that Bailey is planning play dates with this summer. Oh... and the slumber party for Jake, Joseph, and Jackson that we have to have before Jackson moves (I'm not even posting about that right now, since I'm in denial that they are leaving us). Life is so good. And, that's not even including the awesome people in our lives for many years... and the many other people I need to get back to regarding dates for us to play and our kids to play (ah-hem, Kristyn). :)

This week has been slower. Thankfully. We spent most of Monday in our pjs, reading books in the bed during a thunderstorm, playing school, and playing on the Kinect. It was a much-needed recovery day for all of us (except poor Brad who was up and at 'em at 5:30 a.m.). We still managed to get outside and over to the pool each night this week. 

Running has been basically nonexistent for me since the half. I've run at various points for a day or so, but nothing consistent. I'm needing motivation... and I'm not really sure why. I just feel kind of burned out on it. At first, I thought I just needed a break after focusing so much energy on the half (emotionally and physically). Then, I just thought it was because we had so much with t-ball, Cilla's baby shower (read more about that here), and planning for vacation. Now, I honestly think it has a lot to do with my mental state over my vacation ending. LOL. I seriously just have not been able to move past that. So... maybe this week will bring new things, since I finally did run tonight. And, it was a good run, even if I feel really out of shape.

To end on a really, incredibly happy note, this weekend is a long weekend. Yes, I know you all think, "You have long weekends every week." BUT... Brad doesn't. So, it's great. We are heading to eastern Kentucky to spend time with our families, hang out on the boat for as much as possible, and camp out with our kids. Yes, another list item will come down... and we are going to have a great holiday. 

Then, a week of fun for the kids as they stay with grandparents all week long. Brad and I will get a date night on our 8 year wedding anniversary... and hopefully a night to double-date with some of our very close friends. All very wonderful and much needed things. :) Oh... and there is also the topic of one very special lady's little baby being born at some point in the next week. C'mon Rebecca and baby Price 2.0. I can't wait to meet you. :) 

We are so blessed (and yes, Brandon, that line is totally for you, even if you don't read my post!). :) 


  1. Brandon said...:

    Love, Love, Love. You are truly blessed. These are good times. Cherish these moments. And whatever other blog broad language that I forgot.

    Just kidding.