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Coming up... Vacation :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011
Vacation... is only a few days away for us.

I can't tell you enough how much I love the beach. :)

So, when Cilla and Bret invited us to go with them, we were pretty excited to say yes. But, of course, there was lots to consider, including our hectic schedules and money, and all that. We hadn't really planned to take a vacation this year. It seems like we are on an accidental routine of taking a vacation every other year. Well, a BEACH vacation, that is. So, this year, we figured we'd be at home, spending time on the lake or at King's Island or some other stay-cation types of activities. We knew instantly that we wanted to go with Bret and Cilla, but we thought we wouldn't really be able to because we hadn't planned financially for it.

Thankfully, we worked it out. Our yard sale definitely helped (thank you for shopping to those of you who did). :) Once we had decided to go, I had it all planned out. I was going to buy us plane tickets to go (they were as cheap as driving with gas prices) and we were going to surprise the kids. Well... as fate would have it, the plane tickets went up the same day that I was going to buy them. Ugh. What to do... what to do... 15ish hours in a car with the kids. Ugh.

We contemplated and contemplated. Bret and Cilla were surely ready to uninvite us at some point. :)

Then, we decided to go. But, instead of having our traditional "get up as early as possible and drive as far as possible without stopping" strategy, we are opting for a "drive half way and stay" strategy. And, again, throwing everyone for a loop, we are driving OUT of our way to go to Charleston, South Carolina instead of driving the most logical way to Dunedin, Florida through Atlanta. Yes... we do realize how insane this probably sounds. But, we figure if we are going to have to stop and stay at about halfway anyway, we might as well go some place we want to visit and stay an extra day to check it all out (it's not THAT far out of the way). So, we leave this weekend for our "adventure." I keep calling it that because I know the kids aren't going to think it's all that great of an adventure when they have been in the car for about 6 hours. Then, they are going to be pissed. lol. But, maybe I can sell it to them... I did book a hotel in Charleston that has an indoor pool and a hot tub. Surely that will be enough to keep them excited about it. 

In all seriousness, I'm so excited about the entire trip. I have wanted to go to Charleston, South Carolina for years. I remember reading a book when I was in middle school that talked about Charleston (it was totally fiction), but ever since then, I've wanted to see it... to compare the real thing to the pictures in my mind. :) I'm even, oddly enough, excited about the trip there. I am looking forward to seeing the mountains... to seeing the ocean... to seeing all new things. I just simply cannot wait. 

Well, except that I have to do laundry and pack... and figure out what I need to go pick up at the store before we go... and you know... get the house ready for us to leave... 

Ugh... why does everything have to be such a job?! :) 

Oh well... I am not even thinking about the negative... because in just a few days, I will be able to see this...

...and I've been missing it. Be prepared for my post in a week or so about how I wish I could move to the beach. :)