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Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Well, my blogging on here lately has been sporadic at best, which is exactly what I feel like everything else in life has been like, too! One foot in this door and one foot in another... my head at one place and my body in another. Just crazy busy, in so many wonderful ways... overwhelmed feeling in so many bad ways. :)

But, today, I feel like I am finally back to being a normal person again.

For the moment, anyway. :)

I am back.

I am back to running. Woo Hoo! The doctor released me to do some running. Notice I'm saying some running. He doesn't exactly think it is a good idea for me to run the half marathon on the 30th, but he also figured that I wouldn't take that advice. So, he gave me some useful advice for when I do try to run it. Basically, he told me how to ease back into training... and told me not to run any really long runs before the half... and just to try and go out and do it without the long run before. Well, that just totally makes me a nervous wreck... but it also makes me a very happy runner... mainly because I'll be running SOME. Last night was my first night back at it... and it felt great. Not completely pain-free, but great nonetheless.

I am back to feeling like I have a somewhat normal life, now that the kids' birthday parties are planned, Spring Break schedules have ceased and returned to a normal routine, and I'm able to see a few days on my calendar that involve nothing more than dinner and a movie or some time hanging out with the kids. Too bad that time is in July. Haha. I am only teasing.

I am back to seeing more clearly. Literally. About two weeks ago, we had a little scare where I couldn't really see out of my left eye (it was blurry and I saw black spots). After a rushed visit to the ER, it was determined that there are no brain tumors, signs of a stroke, or blood clots in my head, so THANK GOD. :) However, I did have to get glasses and, despite the headaches they cause, they seem to be helping some. And, the black spots are pretty much all gone now.

I am back to working on my list. I had to kind of ignore it for a while... not because I wanted to, but because I had to in order to get other things done. I was reminded of how much I love my list and the feeling it gives me when I marked off teaching Bailey to tie her shoes. And, I'm ready to do more. :)

I am back to feeling like a regular person again. So, beware... more blogging will ensue. :)

And to prove my point... I am going to be reposting about Jake's party and his love for superheroes on here this week. You can already read them here and here.