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Her Tied Shoes...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011
On the Friday before Spring Break, Bailey came home to announce that she had to learn to tie her shoes before she came back to school. This presented a slight challenge, since her only shoes with laces are cleats and she was going to spend most of her break with family. Not that they couldn't teach her, but it wasn't their responsibility to, either. 

I was kind of stuck between trying to figure out how to handle this for her and trying to plan Jake's birthday party. And, unfortunately for Bailey, I just really didn't have time to work with her on it until Sunday after the party. 

She and I had worked on it several different times throughout the past few months, but she would get frustrated with her inability and would just give up after a few tries each time. I kind of figured that is how it would go... and that she would eventually "get it" without too much worrying. 

She did. 

Sunday night, as I sat exhausted from the party, we practiced. Within five minutes of sitting down, she had it. She was so thrilled. She was going to go back to school knowing how to tie her shoes. She was thrilled. 

And so was I... my big girl continues growing. She keeps learning... and this time, she helped me mark one more thing off of my list.