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Busy, Proud, and Growing Kids...

Monday, April 18, 2011
Well, I have avoided blogging, because I promised to post Jake's birthday post from Our Cups Runneth Over on here... and well, to be honest, I just have avoided it because it will take away my precious time. 

So, I'm going to be bad... and ask that if you really want to read it, you check it out here. :) Sorry for the inconvenience. Maybe I'll re-post it later this week... but I don't want to promise to. 

Instead of blogging, I have basically avoided the computer altogether. As in, today, I checked my e-mail and saw that I had over 200 e-mails that were unread. :) Yes... Junk email rocks. 

That just goes to show you that I haven't spent much time on the computer, though. Instead, we have had a very full and wonderful weekend (plus today). 

Saturday started out as a rainy mess. I was just wishing we didn't have to get out of bed. But, Brad was already up and at 'em at 7 a.m., heading to the t-ball field to help prepare it for a day's worth of games. Our game wasn't scheduled until 11:30. He spent the entire morning, along with some other coaches, at the field. We played at around 12:30... in the mud and cold and a few drizzles of rain. So, I didn't take pictures. :( Sorry. Next time... 

However, I have to brag. Jake played so well (I mean, as well as he does at this age). He didn't argue with Brad in the outfield. He didn't try to leave the outfield. No, he wasn't entirely happy about playing, especially as cool as it was and as wet as it was, but he stuck it out. AND, to make things even better, he had a good hit and scored a run. We hadn't even expected him to get to second base this season (mainly because he doesn't always listen to the coach when he's running from one base to another). :) So, yay for Jake! 

And, Bailey... she played very well, too. She got two hits, scored two runs, and got to play second base for an inning. She did a good job when she was paying attention and seemed pretty happy that she got to play in the infield. :) 

After the game, we took our freezing toes and hands home and ate some lunch... took some hot showers... and got ready for a party. One of our best friends, Bret (aka the villain at Jake's party) was celebrating his birthday with a crab boil and tons of delicious food and wonderful company. We spent the entire evening having fun with our friends, laughing, straining to hear each other over all of the fun, and watching as Bailey and Jake quickly captured the attention of the other kids at the party, in hopes of bringing them all out of their "shells." Again, I was proud of them. We only had to get onto them a couple of times for yelling or running through the house (it's a habit at Bret and Cilla's). And, they quickly made their way into the hearts of some (kind of) new friends by showing their sweet little personalities. We didn't make it home until after midnight, with two sleeping kiddos... 

... which meant a morning of sleeping in! :) Well, sort of... we slept until 9 or so... which is definitely sleeping in for us. :) 

Brad got up and got us breakfast. Then, Bailey and I had girl time while Daddy and Jake went to Home Depot. Bailey and I got our hair cut and then we went to King's Gardens to buy vegetable plants for our garden. It was a beautiful day... and we wanted to spend it all outside. And, we did. Our garden is nearly all planted. A new garden having been cleaned out for this year (translation: me digging out weeds and grass with a rake and shovel... oh my aching back). :) I'm hoping for tomatoes... strawberries... peppers... cucumbers... watermelon... cantaloupe... and a nice big patch of spices. 

Before the end of the day yesterday, I made time to go on a run. I made it 5 miles. YAY! Or BOO! I don't know at this point. I should be running twice that (at least) for the training for a half marathon. However, I'm pretty pumped to be running... so I'll just leave it at that. And, for the record, I have walked some during my runs... so I won't be over-doing it (as tempting as it might be). 

Do you think I was exhausted after that weekend? :) 

Time stops for no man or woman. 

Jake and Bailey had their check-ups at the doctor's office. Other than the 4 shots Jake received and the 1 shot that Bailey received (ugh), the visits were great. Bailey is in the 90th percentile for height and weight (48.5 inches and 54 pounds). She's perfectly healthy, happy, and ahead of the game. Jake is in the 50th percentile for height and weight (40.5 inches and 32 pounds). With the exception of needing more iron (no surprise there), he is perfectly healthy, too. The doctor commented that he was speaking more clearly and said he looks great. I had mentioned his stubbornness... she had laughed. Then, she  got to see him in all his glory when he would not stop crying about the shots. He actually wouldn't say much of anything to the doctor prior to the shots, other than, "I don't want a shot." Repeatedly. :) Bailey, on the other hand, was trying to tell Jake it wouldn't be any big deal and that it wouldn't hurt (after scaring him to death all morning by making fun of him for having to have them). And, then she was surprised to learn that she, too, would get a shot. Funny how she changed her tune so quickly after she knew that. Haha. I'm sure the doctor thought I was terrible when I teased her and told her that she deserved it for giving Jake such a hard time about it all day. :) 

And now you know why there are no pictures on today's post... :) We have been so busy living life, I haven't taken time to capture it. I probably should have taken the time... made the time... but oh well...  :) Such is life.