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On top of the world...

Sunday, September 21, 2008
My little man is living up to the nickname we gave him shortly after his birth. For some reason, I guess we just started calling him our little monkey man. No reason behind it... just kind of developed. Well... we should have been more cautious with that name! Jake can now climb to the top of the ladder on the swing set. Not only does he climb it, he can do it in record time. It is as if he's in a race to see who can get to the top and back down the fastest. I've rarely seen Bailey get up the ladder this quickly. He can almost step off of the ladder and onto the slide in one fell swoop, throwing his head backward and feet in the air to gain speed down the slide. It's adorable... but more importantly... SCARY! He's still so young to be climbing like he does. I keep waiting to turn my head and see him lying on his back, having fallen from the top of the ladder. He has no fear (which is not entirely bad). He is actually quite proud of his accomplishments. Brad had not seen him make it all the way to the top until this weekend. Knowing this, Jake climbed to the top quickly, and stood at the top of the slide, yelling for Brad (Dada...) and then letting out a warrior-like yell, as if to say, "I AM THE MAN!" We were totally cracking up, and Brad, like me, was freaking out that he is going to break his neck.

I am sure it will not be long now... we will be writing soon about our first hospital visit with stitches or worse. My sweet, innocent little baby is going to be the one that turns the rest of my hair gray.