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Hateful baby...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008
I met Kathy to pick up Bailey in Morehead yesterday at about 3:30. I was looking forward to seeing my little monkey. Even though I enjoyed the break and a little bit of a quieter house, I was ready to have her back at home. I was missing my little talker. I was greeted with a hug and a kiss, a huge smile and sweet little voice yelling, "Momma!" It was nice while it lasted...

About three minutes down the road, my little sleep-deprived child began the whining. Five minutes after that, we were stopping to go to the restroom. Ten minutes later, I was hearing about how she was starving, despite the Happy Meal she was still snacking on. And on it went. We finally got home and she played with her new Barbie toy. We got ready for gymnastics and made our way across town. I knew she was going to be a bear after gymnastics, but this time was even worse than usual. Bailey cried from about 7:30 until about 9. She cried when I offered her spaghetti - she wanted something else. I fixed her everything she asked for, only to be told seconds later that she did not like that food. And, bath time was the kicker. She decided she didn't want her sweaty head washed. After listening to her screams, through tears, I sustained a cup of water being thrown at me, as well as a few toys and a wet washcloth. I washed her hair... oh yes, I would win or die. :) Jerking her little tail from the tub, soaking wet with no towel, through kicks and punches, I carried her (as nicely as I could) to her room, sat her on the bed and closed the door. Part of that was because I knew I was losing my cool (extremely) and she needed a serious break.

After a few more fits, her attempting to force herself to throw up so that I would fell sorry for her (no, she is not dramatic - what are you talking about?!), and a baggie of Apple Jacks, Bailey finally calmed down. She was asleep as soon as she crawled into bed.