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Catching the big whopper

Saturday, September 13, 2008
I woke up this morning, feeling so relieved that our Opening Night concert and the reception following was finally over. I guess I didn't realize how much it had been on my mind... I woke up feeling like the world had been taken off of my shoulders. It was wonderful. And I guess that might be why I immediately started thinking about what I wanted to do with the kids today... something fun, no cleaning or housework, and something outdoors. Unfortunately for me, Brad had received a ticket to the UK football game, so it was just the three of us.

Sitting on the back deck (at 9 a.m. with both kids already playing on the swingset), it occurred to me. I wanted to be fishing. Now, just for reference, I have not fished in at least 10 years... mortal sin for a woman that fished at least 10-12 times each summer throughout my teenage years. I truly love to fish, but for some reason, never seem to think to go. So, I called (and woke up) my mom to let her know that we would be coming to Ashland today and would love to take the kids fishing.

It all came rushing back to me when I was standing on the bank, fishing pole in hand. There's something relaxing, almost therapeutic, about fishing. And to make this time even better, I was fishing with the best "three-year old fisherman in the world" by my side. I looked in the mirror for most of the day today as I watched Bailey patiently waiting to catch a fish. She was absolutely adorable with her little Barbie fishing pole, in her Old Navy dress, and her brown Mary Janes. Total girl enjoying being a tomboy like her mom. The look on her face when she (and Mimi) pulled in the first fish of the day (yes - with her fishing pole!) was priceless. She was so excited, a little confused, but so excited.

Jake, on the other hand, surprised me as much as Bailey's patience did. He was totally scared to death by the fish. My mom is probably to blame for that, since she almost hit him with the fish when she was pulling Bailey's first one to the bank. After that, every time we asked him if he wanted to see the fish, he'd scream a little whiney scream and shake his head no. He was not nearly as impressed with the fish as I expected. He was, however, very impressed with the ducks and enjoyed drinking Diet Pepsi in his very own bottle for most of the day.

Bailey was proud of her success as a great fisherman. She surprised us all when she claimed that she was going to catch the big "whopper." None of us know where she learned that word, but she was intent that she was going to get it. She would have fished for about 10 hours, if we would have stayed. When we left, she laid on the bank and cried because she had more fish to catch. Fortunately, she was distracted when mom suggested that she practice catching minnows in our little bait cooler and throwing them in the lake.

Overall, today was one of the best days I have had in a long time. I think the kids enjoyed a good day too. As a matter of fact, I couldn't get Bailey to come home with me. She stayed at Mimi and Poppa's tonight. She reassured me that I could come get her later. :) But not before making big plans to go to her Mamaw Kathy's house for a night too.

It's obvious that she's growing up. While it makes me a little sad that she's not a baby anymore, I can't even express how much fun I'm having with her as she gets bigger!