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Wednesday, March 19, 2008
I turned my head for a split second. The kids were in the bath tub and I was standing at the door, watching them play. Jake, as usual, was standing in the tub with a full cup of bath water attempting to pour it back into the tub (or floor). I looked away (at what I still don't know) for a split second. I looked at him again and could see him, in slow motion, falling out of the tub onto his head. He flopped over and I grabbed him up, only to see a huge black knot forming. A bruise was already appearing around his eye and I was terrified that he could have a concussion. A few minutes later, and a few frantic phone calls later, he was playing like normal with the only sign of his fall being a knot and bruise. I was the scarred one - worried now to even move an inch from him when he's in the tub, scared to death that he could have been seriously hurt.

That was on Friday. On Sunday, we were all shopping at Wal-mart (yay for grocery shopping!). Bailey had been wild and was strapped into the cart. She decided, as she does at every public place we visit, that she needed to go to the restroom. I pulled her out of the cart and began rushing toward the front of the store. She starts to stumble and I try to prevent her from falling. As I grasped at her, she turned around and fell on her back, hitting her head on the concrete floor. Everyone, including my own husband, looked at me like I had pushed her. It was terrible. I looked at all of the people in the aisle, staring at me like I was abusive, glanced at Jake with his pump knot on his head and thought for sure that I'd be taken to jail because my kids keep falling.


  1. cheryl said...:

    My three boys have more bruises on their legs than you can count - all of the time. I even have them on my legs, and I have no idea where they come from. I think it's just from playing and living. Don't worry, other moms know exactly how you felt (we've all been there too!)