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Technology Junkies

Friday, March 7, 2008
My best friend (and the most awesome photographer ever), Priscilla (www.priscillabaierleinphotography.com), came over last weekend to do pictures of us with the kids. Be prepared - within the next week, there will be an onslaught of these all over this blog space. We had a great time taking lots of fun pictures. Jake was adorable when we did pictures with daddy and a football. I can take one look at these pictures and my heart completely melts. So adorable...

While Cilla was here, I was reminded of how big of technology junkies my babies are. Every time that we sat Jake down to take pictures of him, he would take off crawling to Cilla to get to her camera. At one point, he nearly touched it, holding his little hand out and breathing heavily, as if he were dying of thirst and she was holding the last bottle of water. We all laughed, thinking of this similarity to his older sister. When Bailey was just a little older than one year, she sat down at our computer desk, placed her hands on the keyboard and began pretending to type. We thought that was adorable, but we were shocked when she reached up and started moving the mouse around.

Maybe that's a sign that we spend way too much time on the computer... or a sign that they just might be a lot like their daddy. :)