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Our Over-Achiever

Monday, November 8, 2010
Last week was our parent-teacher conference at Bailey's school.

She is rocking out at school. Really and truly. She makes us so proud. 

I think she is awesome. And I'm not the only one. It's nice to know that. :) 

I feel justified in bragging on her. Because I can totally just tell you what I was told instead of feeling like it's all coming from me. lol.. 

She is reading at a first grade level. Private preschool paid off. lol. She was reading at the level that they wanted her to be at by the end of Kindergarten by the second week of school. Go, Bailey. The school wants her to have a year's worth of growth. So, by all of our ratings, she needs to be reading at a second grade level by the time she leaves Kindergarten. 

If Bailey has it her way, we will practice reading for at least 4 hours a day AFTER school and she will graduate from high school by 3rd grade. :) 

I'm not complaining. Really. She loves to read. I'm thrilled. She is doing so well, that I am actually considering marking off of my list the item that includes me teaching her to read. She's really doing that well. 

However, her report card had indicated that she scored low in one section of math (Disclaimer here - she is still well above average in her overall math score). Said section was dubbed "problem solving." I laughed, knowing that the test was probably just a fluke. My daughter, who at age 4 told me not to worry about trying to figure out how to put my new cell phone on silent for the movie... just to leave it in the car, tested low for problem solving. I laughed. Brad did not. He began "helping" Bailey by giving her problems to solve at every opportunity. You can't say that he's not engaged or interested. :) After all, math and science are where money jobs are... she's not going to have a major in something like public relations (ah-hem) if it's left up to certain people. lol.


After reviewing all of her tests and work and basically having lots of discussions about her weaknesses (she loves to talk), we discovered that there really is nothing to worry about. Bailey is literally scoring perfect on nearly every test she is given... yes, even in math. Mrs. O. suggested that she might just have had an off day when she took that test (it's all on the computer). Or maybe she rushed through it. Bailey? Rush? Never. lol.  

Her teacher reports that she loves to learn, that she is always helpful, and that she is moving her to sit beside the kid who doesn't speak English (again). That way, she won't be talking all the time. lol. In all seriousness, she did say she was going to move her to sit with this little boy who doesn't speak English, mainly because she really does help him understand what's going on. He looks to her for help every time he doesn't understand what he's supposed to do... even from across the room. It just so happens that it also helps to keep Bailey from talking ALL the time. :) Oh, our little model citizen... 

Which brings me to tonight. It was our Girl Scout Daisy Investiture program (aka Daisy pinning ceremony). Aside from taking a lot of time to get it together and aside from the fact that I had to speak publicly and I had to sing in public (gasp), it was a lot of fun. These little girls are just incredible. I am lucky to have them in the troop... and even luckier that there are plenty of supportive parents who came tonight to show their love for their daughters. And, as always, I was reminded how special my little girl is... upon calling out her name to give her the Daisy pin, she smiled the cutest smile ever and gave me a big hug. It was pretty special to be a part of something that she is so excited about. I'm taking all of the love I can while I can... it won't be long before I'm the uncool mom of a 13 year old. :)