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My fantasy, the holidays, and my favorite superhero

Thursday, November 18, 2010
Where am I?

Well, at this exact second, I am in a fantasy world, where my Christmas shopping is done, all pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas are prepared and frozen nicely in my freezer, and I have not one dime of credit card debt to show for it. I have sewn multiple, beautiful gifts. I have found perfect items for my babies, who are growing so fast. Oh, and my feet have no calluses, I have completed 24 miles a week of running (each and every week), and I have finally taken the time to organize all of our closets to be color-coordinated like they were months years ago.  HAHAHA! Yes... a fantasy world, indeed. Really? You know that I am old when this is my fantasy. :)

In all seriousness, I am in the middle of my absolute favorite, most exciting, wonderful, incredible, time of the year, hashing through all of the sales papers and online deals for the best Christmas gifts for everyone in my family and trying, with all of my heart, to find the most perfect gift for each person that I love. I am trying to find the perfect recipes for Thanksgiving and Christmas, trying to find a way to make all the gifts I want, and trying to pull it all together and still be sane.

And, this is my favorite time of year. lol. Yes, it really is. No matter how stressful and crazy it gets, I love it.

I love, LOVE, Thanksgiving. It might be my favorite holiday, if it weren't for Christmas. It absolutely would be my favorite holiday if it weren't for Christmas. Who doesn't like a holiday that involves overeating, being completely lazy, and then shopping at 4 a.m. the next day? (On a sidenote, I about laughed my butt off when you said almost the EXACT same thing last night, Bret... I had already written most of this post then). I love everything it represents - gratefulness... family... food... tradition. I love that my mom and I can spend an early morning together, shopping as if it were  a competition. Laughing about all of the craziness and enjoying time together that we rarely have. I love that we still go to my grandparents' homes on Thanksgiving Day, that there are always shrieking children to watch, and that I can spend my Friday after shopping, curled up at my mother-in-law's home, watching a fire in "Lilly," the famous potbelly stove. I just love it. And, well, we can't forget that I always get extra love because my birthday usually falls around the same time... and there's always someone with a present for me. :)

Oh yes, it would be my favorite.

But instead, Christmas has the first place spot. There are so many things I love about Christmas. And I promise I have so many ways to describe each and every one of those favorites. But I absolutely refuse to write this post about Christmas. You know why? Because I am sick of everyone going straight from Halloween to Christmas and totally ignoring what would be my favorite holiday of the year (if it weren't for Christmas). So, with that I am celebrating Thanksgiving.

You will see a post later (when I dig out from this pile of stuff I'm trying to get done) about all the things I'm grateful for. :)

It will come.

I promise.
Don't hold me to promises, please, even when I totally intend to keep it. :)

In the meantime, I will start with this... I am completely and utterly thankful for superheroes. And my superhero is going to love this for Christmas.  :)  It's reversible... and handmade by a superhero's mother, who loves that he is so obsessed with something so entirely adorable. :) Shhh... don't tell him.