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I am... thankful.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010
Guess what is on TV tonight? I'll give you some hints... it isn't Elf. I love Elf. I've already watched it once this week. But it isn't Elf. In fact, it isn't a holiday movie at all. Yes, it is November. And, I am not watching a holiday movie. 

It isn't a superhero movie either. And it doesn't involve any animation or animated characters or princesses or teenagers named Carly or Sam or Freddy. 

It isn't a movie about killing people or wars or a comedy about drunken men in Vegas. 

Although I love all of these types of movies (sometimes), it isn't one of these. 

Instead, I am watching a movie that will probably make me cry. It is a movie that I probably should not watch in my last week of my twenties, on the verge of turning 30 and feeling like it is all slipping away. 

Well, I'm not really thinking that it is all slipping away or anything. I just think it sounds more dramatic like that. :) 

It is a movie that really makes you think about your life and how you want to spend it. 

The movie? The Bucket List. 

So, you know what's coming right? 

Oh... so you think I'm going to give you my updated list with new items? Well, think again. I am doing that. It's in the works. It will be posted this weekend. You know, when I actually do turn 30. It will be my actual first-third of life crisis post (I hope I live to be 90 - at least). :) 

I could totally do nothing but focus on my need for this list. I could tell you about how it makes me feel alive... like I am working to make my life mine... that I have some false sense of control over my entire life. Do you think I have issues? :) I do. 

While watching this movie, I realize that I'm not alone. :) 

I also realize how fast life goes by. I look at my little girl and remember the day she was born as if it were yesterday. I can't see how she can already be 5. Jake is growing so fast that it will only feel like months before I am sending him into the kindergarten classroom... of course, I'll be crying like crazy, I'm sure. 

October slipped away without me realizing that it was nearly gone and now Thanksgiving is upon us and will be over in the blink of an eye. And, Christmas, well, I can hear the clock ticking all day... it will come and go and I will wonder how in the world we fit it all in. 

Every month. Every week. Everyday. They all fly by so quickly. And some days I just feel like I haven't accomplished anything at all. 

Some days are wonderful. Some are less than. Sometimes I wish the day would last forever and sometimes I would just as soon crawl back into bed by 8 a.m. 

Yet, everyday, I am grateful for some blessing that God has given me. And He has given me so much. I desperately want to hang onto it so that I don't forget all of those blessings. I don't want to wake up 45 years from now and wonder where it went. So, while I'm savoring my turkey and dressing, sweet potatoes, and pies, I'm also going to be savoring all of the wonderful things in my life. 

I'm so thankful for so many things. There really isn't a way to name them all. So, in honor of my 30th birthday... here are 30 things I'm thankful for.  

  1. For God. Without Him, life is meaningless and cold. Trust me, I've tried walking alone. It's much better with Him. :) 
  2. For love. The kind of love that makes your heart skip a beat... that makes you feel 16. While we have our moments, I am so lucky to have a husband who I still love and who I think still loves me. Sometimes. :) And to make it better, our love just continues to grow. Sometimes up and sometimes down, but it grows. :)
  3. For laughter. Knock-knock jokes, fart noises, tickle machines, and giggles over the smallest things. Seeing a smile on my babies' faces, hearing their laughter, and seeing their happiness over the most simple things in the world. I am truly not sure if there is anything sweeter in my life. 
  4. For parents. The kind of parents who are always there, ready to do whatever you need, and ready to support you in whatever choices you make. My mom is my best friend in the world... and my dad is my superhero (well, Jake would argue there). And my mother-in-law is incredible... always there, always supportive, and always with a smile.
  5. For brothers. Little brothers who always act like little brothers. They are always there. Always making jokes or wrestling you to the ground, just to show you that they still can. 
  6. For grandparents. They spoil you, love you unconditionally, and send you home. I love the two I have still with us... and miss the two who are gone so much. 
  7. For friends. The kinds you can talk to everyday, sometimes about the same thing repeatedly and still not get tired of talking. 
  8. For pedicures. Period.
  9. For food... good food. And the Pioneer Woman. She is my newest hero (look out dad and Jake...). :) 
  10. For Diet Mountain Dew. It's saved me on more than one occasion. Usually from hurting someone else. 
  11. For a clean house, cabinets and a refrigerator filled with food, and cars that work. 
  12. For DVR. 
  13. For the ability to run. And the ability to enjoy it.
  14. For healthcare. Yes, I said healthcare. As much as I think it needs help, I can't help but remember that it saved my mom from breast cancer. She is in my life everyday because of healthcare. So... yes. Healthcare. 
  15. For bubble baths. For big, hot bubble baths. 
  16. For sunrises and sunsets... Jake loves a colorful sky just like me. Every time he sees the colors in the sky, he says, "Wook, mommy. Da sky is bootiful. I see pink, puhple, and orange." It makes my heart smile every time. 
  17. For football... and really all sports.
  18. For tears... of joy. Of sadness. Of love. Tears. Sometimes you just need them, even if it's only to get the dust out of your eye. I'm thankful I have them. :) 
  19. For pictures. Memories that you can touch, unless you are like me and never upload them to be printed. Then, you can just look at them on a computer. 
  20. For hope. Sometimes when you hold onto your faith, you can will things to happen. I hope so. I really hope so for some things I'm hoping for right now. And praying for, too. :) 
  21. For Saturday mornings cuddling with my kids and hubby, eating a late breakfast, and spending the day in our pjs. 
  22. For snow days with hot chocolate, marshmallows, and movies. 
  23. For lazy days at the lake, beach or pool with sun-kissed skin and an icy cold drink. 
  24. For car washes in the driveway. 
  25. For music... one song can change your day entirely. Or your life. Or it can just be fun. Or it can melt your heart. Listening to my kids sing their "God, Our Father" prayer is incredible. Hearing them rock out to Kryptonite or just about any Taylor Swift song can make my day... or can drive me crazy. :) 
  26. For Christmas music... even when it annoys the hell out of everyone. And, yes, it does deserve it's own category. :)
  27. For slow dances with my husband... for fun dances with the kids... and for ballet for my baby girl. 
  28. For books... and the ability to read.
  29. For imagination. I told Bailey to stop pretending something today... and she said, "But mom, I have to use my 'magination." Yes, honey... that is exactly what you have to do. And, God knows Jake has practice using his with all of his costumes.
  30. For apologies... especially when I'm not too proud to be the one to say it. Sometimes it takes a child's sweet innocence to remind us that we are supposed to apologize when we hurt someone...  unfortunately, I catch myself feeling horrible and needing to say I'm sorry to my kids way too much. It's in those moments that I remember that I need to read through this and enjoy life just a little bit more. :) 
Life is too short. Savor each moment. Happy Thanksgiving (a couple days early!). 

Gobble, gobble!


  1. Dawn said...:

    What a wonderful post!! Such a great reminder...And I Love #20 (I think that's the one...I think willing something to happen maybe can make it happen :)). You're a wonderful friend and I'm thankful you and your family have come into our lives, mine especially :).