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Two Dramatic Children?

Thursday, February 19, 2009
Bailey might be the dramatic child, but Jake certainly is not going to sit quietly in the shadows. He is making his move into the two-year old phase, and doing it with flair. His drama includes sunglasses, naked streaking, and shouting his commands while pointing his finger at you.

One early morning last week, I got up and came downstairs with the kids. It was a nice day with great weather, and Jake decided he wanted to go outside. However, before we actually went, he had to have "his" sunglasses. You know, the purple ones with princesses on them. Bailey's are the red ones that look like Daddy's. lol... They played outside all day with their glasses on the entire time. I'm sure our neighbors are concerned... they see Jake wearing Bailey's pink Dora dress-up shoes outside all the time. I really do try to discourage it, but he just LOVES them. :)

Jake's other choice of wardrobe would be to go nude. He loves to run around the house after he's had his bath - completely naked. He laughs and dances, acting like it's the greatest thing in the world. His sister finds the same enjoyment in this... beware if you come to our house at bathtime. :) Brad calls Jake a little frog. He's getting more and more slim, but still has a little belly. His little legs and arms are tiny, but his belly sticks out. He really does look like a little frog!

He has figured out how to undress himself and enjoys making me crazy trying to do this when we are about to leave our house. Just a few days ago, I walked into the playroom to find him shirtless, standing on his train table, blinds pulled back, pressing his stomach to the cold window. Apparently, it's more fun to sunbathe in the nude! :) He thought it was so funny and proceeded to yell for me, waving and laughing.

Of course, when he's not laughing or streaking, he enjoys bossing us around. He now looks at us and says, "I da boss," as he hits his chest to indicate that he really is the boss. When he wants something and we are making him wait, he reminds us that he's the boss by yelling what he wants, pointing at us, and saying, "Right now." I don't know where he could have ever heard such words. Certainly not when I'm trying to get him dressed and I'm pointing my finger at him, saying, "Get over here, right now."

:) Ah... the joys of parenting. :)