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Drama, Drama, Drama

Thursday, February 19, 2009
If it's been said once, it's been said a hundred times... my daughter is a drama queen and she takes after her mother. Recently, she's had a slew of sayings that only further support the idea that she is indeed a bit dramatic.

Among my favorites (or not so favorites):

"I'm starving... I'm really going to starve and die if you don't give me junk food right now." She is certain to do this emphatically with a whiny voice at first and a bossy tone toward the end. Of course, today when she said it, she had just finished eating a baggy full of pretzels and decided that she wanted me to stop at McDonald's. Typically, Bailey is always starving when you near golden arches or Wendy's (which she now recognizes equally as well). Jake only recognizes any yellow signs as "Bries (Fries)." He also now requests "Donal's" when we are out and about.

"Just get me something... I don't know." This is Bailey's automatic response when she says she's hungry and doesn't know what she wants or if she wants to watch something else on tv, but can't decide. Of course, if you choose something for her, she complains that she didn't want it. What do you do with that? I ignore her until she makes a real request, but that's usually after a few minor arguments. :)

"But I'll miss you." This is probably the most dramatic thing she says... because she says it when you tell her you're going to take a shower or walk in another room. It's cute, except that it is often followed by tears if you don't stay by her side. Yes, I know that it will pass far too quickly and I'll be missing the days that she wanted me in the same room with her. :) For now, maybe a little distance for a few minutes each day wouldn't hurt. lol...

"I had a good dream last night... wanna hear it?" I ask her to tell me about it and I get elaborate stories of Little Mermaid coming to see her at the beach, or Cinderella and her mice dancing in her room, or even dreams about marrying Jake or her boyfriend, Austin. (FYI - I do encourage Austin at this point! lol) I guess poor little Bailey is going to have the crazy dreams like I do. As long as she doesn't dream about bees with parachutes any time soon (I know no one other than Cilla will understand that), I think we can manage. :)