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A few more...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009
I had some rave reviews on the funny things kids say... so here are a few others. These aren't as funny... just cute.

Jake has liked dressing up for quite some time now. He has a shoe fetish... especially when it comes to heels. It has been a running joke for us that he is really a little girl at heart and will end up being our cross-dresser when he grows up. He has graduated on to glasses and hats now, which we have welcomed. We just need to purchase some boy glasses and hats and we'll be all set. He loves to go around with Bailey's purple princess sunglasses on (usually upside down, no less). The cutest thing about it is that he looks at me after he's all dressed up, gives me a thumbs up, and says, "Dat's awesome." It is adorable.

Bailey is our singer and, unfortunately, she inherited her tone-deaf mother's voice. Right now it only makes her singing more precious (right now). There is a song out by Taylor Swift called "Love Story." She loves this song... and she knows a lot of the words. This past weekend, I couldn't help but smile ear to ear, with a little tear in my eye, as she sat with two lopsided pigtails, dressed in her little nightgown, sitting on top of the coffee table watching the video and belting out the words. So sweet and innocent... so much more grown up...

But not yet for Jake. He loves to sing, but his favorites consist of "Fruit Salad," "Wiggly Party," and "Quack, quack, quack" by his idols, The Wiggles. Sadly, these songs stick with us as long as they do the kids. :)

Bailey is growing more sensitive... sometimes so much that I wonder if she is really Cilla's child instead of mine. :) When the tree came down in our yard and I showed it to Bailey, she began to cry, telling me how much she loved that tree. She isn't big on changes, at least not unless she is prepped for them... or better yet, unless she's chosen them.