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Stairs, older women, and days with grandparents

Wednesday, April 30, 2008
I feel like I write more about Bailey than I do Jake. Mainly because Bailey is saying so much and doing so many things, while Jake is still in the development stage and is much more laid back. So, this one is totally about my little man. While he is laid back, he is also learning to be aggressive. And he's sneakier than Bailey ever was. She would always do whatever she wanted, regardless of who was watching her. Jake, on the other hand, waits until he knows you aren't looking and then moves as quickly as possible to achieve his goal. Lately, his one and only goal seems to be going up the stairs. He'll sit, pretending to be interested in some toy, until he sees me turn my head. As soon as I do, he'll take off, crawling or walking in an almost run, as quickly as he can into the other room. As soon as he hears me coming, he begins moving faster, giggling a nervous, raspy little laugh. It's frustrating (to say the least) when I'm trying to do something, but adorable to watch him as he sincerely tries to sneak away.

He has the sweetest, sneakiest little smile of any little boy I've ever seen. Something about it reminds me of his daddy, but so much of it reminds me of Cory. For those of you who know Cory, yes, it does terrify me. :) Every time we go anywhere, Jake is working his magic with the older ladies. He knows exactly how to get their attention. He'll smile and stare at them, sometimes reaching out to them or waving his backwards little wave. Then, as soon as they notice him and start to respond, he'll turn his little head like he's shy. I have even caught him looking out the corners of his eyes and grinning, trying to pretend that he's not interested. It's quite adorable and it has all of the women going crazy over him. I can see why... that little dimple just melts my heart every time. Poor little Bailey is 100% frustrated by Jake's new attention-getting scheme. She's used to being the ham of the family, so I'm not sure how long this will last before we have a super meltdown.

Jake is growing up in so many ways, and sometimes I tend to treat him like he's a little baby still, much to his frustration. I guess it's easier for me if I feed him instead of letting him get it all over the place while he's learning to feed himself. It's just one of those things that I need to let go of, but didn't even realize that I was doing it. It was pointed out to me this past weekend. :) My parents kept Bailey and Jake for me last Friday so that I could work our Season Finale concert and a fundraising event. They had a wonderful day, playing outside at Mimi and Big Poppa's with Eian, Braden and Gage before going to a baseball game. Jake's highlight was when my parents were taking him to their home in Ashland and stopped at McDonald's. In the car, we let our kids have fries. Bailey gets apple juice in a box and is able to drink it without spilling it everywhere, so we let her have her juice in the car too. However, Jake typically and promptly pulls out the straw and turns over the box to pour the juice everywhere. So... for that reason and because of my inability to let him become a complete mess, we don't give him his juice until we get out, unless it's in a sippy cup. Mom and Dad made his day when they reached him the juice box on the way to Ashland. They said he was so proud... he just kept smiling and laughing over it. I guess the little things in life really do make it worth living. Made me feel like crap for withholding this experience from my little man... but I'm glad that he got to have it with his grandparents. How special he must have felt and how cool he must think they are. :) The Reese cups at the baseball field, along with the Ring Pop, and, although it was not reported, the gallons of pop that he probably drank when he was with them, probably helped a little too.