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Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Brad recently celebrated his 27th birthday. As a result, we hauled both kids to the Outback to celebrate. We LOVE their cheese fries (calories do not matter on birthdays). The kids are huge fries fans... I think they could both live on them if we would let them. Jake sat at the head of the table in his high chair, eating fries and drinking fruit punch for most of the meal. We were having an enjoyable time, you know, a regular dinner out (a few occasional yells for more food, and a couple of spills, but typical).

Jake was getting tired and fussy, so I thought I'd take him to change his diaper and get him ready to go home while Brad and Bailey were finishing up. The bathrooms were conveniently right behind our table. As I came out of the bathroom after changing Jake, I felt his tummy rumble. All of a sudden, Jake decided to throw up everywhere. I had a white shirt on... he had drank fruit punch. It was not pretty. The poor little couple sitting across from us and the poor bus boy. :) It was 100% embarassing. lol

Has anyone noticed a trend that my kids like to throw up in public? :) These blogs are becoming more and more a medical record of my kids' decisions to get sick in public places!