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Gratefulness Post - Week 1

Tuesday, January 10, 2012
In case you just started reading or didn't make it through my last LONG post... I'm trying a new project where I post pretty regularly (like more than once a month... :)) about the things I'm grateful for. In a nutshell, I'm doing the 365 (366 this year) Days of Gratefulness. However, I'm just not posting them everyday because I KNOW that won't happen. :)

Here goes!
Saturday, December 31/Sunday, January 1 - I am grateful that we had a house full of kids and adults who we love as our extended family. I am grateful that we can all make the time to be together, let our kids run amuck, shrieking, blowing horns and making entirely huge messes, making the best memories, while we pretty much do the exact same thing. I am so thankful, especially for my husband... who despite the good and bad, continues to love me and tolerate my insane antics (like taping up black table runners on the ceiling so that we can fill them with balloons to drop at midnight). I am thankful for two awesome kids who loved decorating and celebrating just as much as we did, who are low maintenance, easy-going, and don't crash and burn when we expect them to stay up to late hours to celebrate the beginning of a new year (when I'm pretty sure that they could not care less). :) I am so completely grateful for old(er) friends, Cilla and Bret, Rebecca and Paul, and Dawn and Brandon, and John... and the fact that they came from all over to celebrate with us, laugh about all of our crazy stories that they have already heard 100 times, and who have been there for us through so many of our lowest and highest points. I am equally as grateful for the many new friends that are in our lives... Kristyn and Lance, Steve and Hollee, Shane and Tatiana, and Tara and DW(even if some couldn't make it!)... for coming and having fun with us crazy people at NYE and because I know there are so many good times to come. I am thankful for our friends bringing a variety of different beers so that we could have a beer-tasting (marking off a list item before the end of the year) and for Rebecca's organization skills in making sure that I didn't forget it or the champagne/sparkling cider at the stroke of midnight. Oh... and I'm thankful that my uncles taught me how to gamble when I was a kid and I totally took Paul's money playing poker. :) Finally, I'm thankful to have my three best girl friends to wake up to on New Year's Day, knowing that we have all grown so close and so comfortable with each other's families that we all could have spent the entire day together and we still would not have been tired of each other. I miss you guys already. :)

Monday, January 2 - I am thankful for gift cards to the Outback... for cheese fries... YUM... for snowy nights at home with the kids... for my beautiful babies and their love of the snow and their excited hopefulness that we will have a snow day that closes school.

Tuesday, January 3 - I am thankful for indoor swimming pools and a successful first day of swimming lessons. I'm thankful for a hubby who brought me lunch to work when I forgot to pack my own. I'm thankful again for his new job. :)

Wednesday, January 4 - I'm thankful for a big WVU win! Records destroyed in the Orange Bowl... making an ordinary day very memorable. In case you live under a rock... here ya go:

Thursday, January 5 - I'm thankful for the chance to start running again... on a regular routine... and a schedule that allows me to still be able to watch those awesome kids do great in their swimming lessons, too.

Friday, January 6 - I'm so thankful for a little boy who loves to cuddle with his mommy, watching movies like The Hulk and asking me, "Want me to shake my butt?" for absolutely no reason at all. I'm also thankful for ice cream and frozen yogurt and delicious places like Orange Leaf. :) And some pretty nice weather... and two kids who love to dress up just to play outside.

Saturday, January 7 - I'm thankful that our kids are great travelers... that they can easily go on a car ride to eastern Kentucky for a post-holiday dinner and then turn around and make the trip home without complaint. They rock. Also, thankful for BEAUTIFUL weather... and a nice 6 mile run. I didn't think I had it in me anymore... but there it is. Now, the road is calling me again. :)

Sunday, January 8 - I'm thankful for lazy Sunday afternoons... for family nights with the kids... for a daughter who insists that we have family nights... for a daugther who would prefer to spend every waking moment trying to make everything special than to spend one second of her life bored. She is her mother's daughter for sure. :) We gotta love our Just Dance 3 and might understand why Jake insists on shaking his butt at us all the time. :)
Monday, January 9 - I'm thankful for Girl Scout meetings where the girls are awesomely sweet. I am thankful for my beautiful daughter who helps me put out the chairs and tables and then listens intently when I read them stories. I'm thankful for hand-drawn pictures that they bring to me each meeting... hugging me and smiling so sweetly. As much as it drives me crazy to be a Girl Scout troop leader, I love those little girls so much. Want to buy cookies? I'm ready to take your order. :)