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Yard Sale Time...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
Do you miss me? 

Well, I'm still here. Kind of. :) 

I am missing you guys! And, as much as I want to sit and write about 100 different things... well, I just can't. 

Because I have to go back upstairs and finish something that I started. Something that I had no idea would be so time-consuming. :) I'm getting ready for a yard sale. 

No, this should not be an all-consuming task. It should be a simple, clean out your closets and toy boxes, toss them in the garage, and open the door on Saturday morning kind of task. However, it simply is not that at all. 

Instead, it is a monster. 

As in, my entire bedroom is covered in kids' clothes. I mean, I'm surprised I didn't wake up with a onesie on my face this morning. It's COVERED. I'm too embarrassed to show you the picture I sent to Rebecca last night. It's ridiculous. 

I have sold or given away a few things over the years. Actually, I thought I had done a decent job of weeding things out over the years. But clearly, I was wrong. The attic is hidden to my eyes. So, I had no idea how many storage bags of baby clothes and baby toys and baby items were stored there. Not to mention all of the current toys that were recently cleaned out of the toy boxes. Seriously... we are having one big yard sale. 

So... if you are in the market for some kids clothes... girls any size from 0-3 months on up to a size 6x... or boys any size from 0-3 months on up to a size 2T, you might want to swing by the house (e-mail or message me privately for the address). Or, if you want a crib, mattress, and matching changing table, a high chair, car seat(s), any variety of toys, especially those geared toward younger babies, or if you want to support Bailey and Jake in their lemonade stand or candy sales for t-ball (yes, we still have leftovers from where we were supposed to sell it a few weeks ago) or if you want a few boxes of Girl Scout cookies (again, leftovers), you definitely want to come by. We have it all. :) Or a lot at least. lol. 

And, no. I am not a hoarder. I am apparently a hoarder in reform. :) Our attic is probably looking much cleaner. I definitely don't know because I don't get up there... but you would not believe how much that thing can hold. lol. :) 

Maybe I'll see you this weekend! Thanks to Rebecca and Dawn for coming over to shop... it didn't look like you made a dent, but you totally did. :) 

Next week... I'll get back to some regular blogging. For now, I have to go dig a path out to get to my bed. Good night! 


  1. BTW all I heard from Jackson was why did Carson get new stuff and he got nothing new...oh and why did I get pink stuff for Carson :). So that all took some explaining.

    And he was CRUSHED today when I picked him up from school and he excitedly announced that he really really wanted to go play with Jake and Bailey again tonight and I told him it wasn't going to happen :)