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Hectic... :)

Monday, May 23, 2011
I have attempted to blog for about two weeks... and have yet to feel like I can really sit down and write and get caught up in one setting. I don't know why it is important for me to feel like that is achievable... God knows that I could write everyday and still have more to say about something. :) If God doesn't know that, my poor hubby does. Haha.

So, what have we been up to?

Well, there have been a couple of weeks of overscheduled madness. Oh. Wait. That's just our lives. Nevermind that last thought. :)

It has been busier than usual lately, mainly because it is spring and early summer. That means that we are doing lots of things... lots of playing t-ball (a few nights each week), lots of cooking out on the grill (when the rain stays away), lots of finishing up things (like the school year, parent teacher meetings, and Girl Scout projects), and starting lots of new things (like planning summer activities, camps, summer schedules, and figuring out how to make it all work before the summer flies by). Let's not forget that we also threw in a HUGE yard sale to make things even more fun... and I have a very special party to plan for my best friend in the entire world to celebrate the birth of her baby boy.

It has been a hectic few weeks. And, you would think that I was totally stressed out if you saw my house. It's a wreck. But, I'm totally not sweating it at all. I'm actually not sweating anything... because while it's been hectic, I've enjoyed nearly all of it. And, because I know in due time, I will get the laundry done, the yard sale mess cleaned up, the floors mopped, and the dishes all where they are supposed to go. It will happen... eventually. :) 

And so many fun things have happened during the last few hectic weeks. So many things that I could probably do a separate post on each one... and might just do that at some point. But, most likely not. haha. :) 

  • We spent a rainy day at the Legends ballpark with our t-ball team, all hanging out in a box suite while the rain poured down, eventually cancelling the ball game.
  • Bailey and I also spent time yesterday with some amazing little girl scouts planting some items in a garden (before the rain once again washed us out).
  • We also had a great night tonight, celebrating with the girl scout families at the UK Arboretum with a picnic.
  • There was the yard sale that helped us bring in a ton of money and clean out a ton of our things.
  • There was the day I spent with my mom and Bailey (I think I actually posted that already... hehe).
  • There was the evening we spent hanging out at Brad's friend, Shane's, house until late in the evening, just talking about everything from sports to religion.
  • Brad had a guy's night with some of his co-workers... I had a night in with the kids, watching the Justin Bieber movie (which I loved more than Bailey did) and the Harry Potter movie.
  • Jake had a school field trip to Totter's Otterville in Covington, Kentucky. 
  • Jake also had a school music program, where he decided to yell at me about how stupid it was that we had to go, but then proceeded to act like an angel once we were at school. :) 
  • And, this week, we get to see my baby girl graduate from Kindergarten and I'll get to see her participate in Field Day at her school. 

It has been hectic. But, it has been a very nice hectic.

And such is the beginning of summer... busy, hectic, and so far, pretty rainy. :) 

What is so scary... is that I'm hoping for so much more... more running, more traveling, more time with the kids at home, more and so much less. :) 

A summer full of days at the pool, time fishing at a lake, at least one camping trip (really, I can't believe I'm saying that), time with my parents, brothers, and my mother-in-law, time grilling out and finding even more recipes to make, time gardening, and most definitely more time focusing on absolutely and positively nothing. :) Dog days of summer... I hear you calling me. :) Just bring the sun when you come, please. :)