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Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Simply perfect. 

That's how my Mother's Day was. 

With all of our busy schedules and routines, sometimes I feel like finding ways to spend quality time with my parents is nearly impossible. Every time we get together, I feel like we are rushing to cram everything in or we are rushing because one of us has something else that we have to get to (like work, ball games, etc.). So, I really wanted to spend my Mother's Day with my mom, just relaxing and hanging out. And, once we decided what we would be doing, I couldn't leave out the coolest 6-year old girl in the world, either. 

So, I woke up early on Sunday and got cleaned up. Bailey came into the bathroom while I was doing my hair and gave me strict instructions not to leave the bathroom. I knew she was plotting to have Brad cook me breakfast. :) She insists that everyone pamper the special person of the day. :) 

After breakfast, Bailey and I hopped in the car and headed two hours away to get my mom. Brad and Jake had a big day planned, too... golfing. Yes, they got to go golfing on Mother's Day. Tell them just how lucky they are. :) 

Bailey and I picked up my mom and made our way to the mall, where we had makeovers at MAC Cosmetics. Oh. My. Gosh. We had so much fun. We got such good makeup. We really just had so much fun. We have both wanted to learn how to do makeup for years... you know, the right way... and we had a blast. Bailey wasn't as excited, since she really just hung out while we got make up done, but she enjoyed some cookies and some games on the iPod. :) Oh... and she took some really great pictures... as in, TONS of pictures of shoes, make up, etc. Actually, some of them were really great... :) 

Then, we headed to get our pedicures. That was definitely Bailey's thing. We created a little monster with her and the pedicures, but that's OK. It was so worth it. :) Her smile and giggles and adorable little toes (and hands) were so perfect. Plus, she kept listening to the ladies who were doing our pedicures speak in another language... she was totally trying to understand them. It was hilarious. 

We were so relaxed that I honestly didn't know if I was going to be able to make the trip back without falling asleep. Of course, we did... and we came home to Brad cooking steak, mushrooms, and asparagus on the grill. It was delicious. 

Yes... a perfect Mother's Day. Except that Brad had a surprise for me and it wasn't ready on Mother's Day. He made me wait. Can you believe that? He made me wait until Monday for it. But, it was well worth the wait. He got me a remote start for my car. Yes, I am spoiled. :) Now, I don't have to go outside when it's cold out and freeze my little toes off to start the car so that the spoiled kids won't be cold on our way to school. haha. :) I complain ALL WINTER about not being able to park in the garage and having to go outside to start the car in the cold. Apparently, all of my complaining wasn't in vain. I was completely shocked. I would have NEVER thought to go and buy myself a remote start... not even if I had the extra money. It was sweet that Brad thought of something that I would love and never buy myself, and that it was something he knew would really make my life easier. :) So, yes, Brad wins the award for super-husband. I guess I have to get off his case about the ever-growing to do list for a while. :)

What did I think he had bought me? I thought of everything under the sun, as did the kids, since he wouldn't tell them either. lol. He had Bailey so convinced that it was an iPad that she went to school and wrote about it in her journal. Poor thing was so disappointed. I thought he was getting my windows tinted on my car. Or a new laptop, even though I was pretty sure he wasn't spending THAT much. It crossed my mind that he might be getting me a new cell phone or even a bike (even though I pretty much knew that was a pipe dream). :) He loved that I never guessed it (which is highly unusual for me) and that he totally fooled me. :) 

Thanks to my family for making Mother's Day so awesome. I feel so loved... and so, so blessed. :)