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Pillow Fights, Lots of love, and Jakey

Tuesday, December 7, 2010
As if I haven't said it a few thousand times, I have the best, best friend in the world. 

She is incredible in so many ways. 

Yet, at this time of the year, I always, ALWAYS, love having her for a best friend. :) Thankfully, we were best friends before she became a photographer. Otherwise, I'm sure she would think that this is the primary reason for being so close to her. lol. 

Simply put, she is such a wonderfully talented photographer and she completely captures my children's personalities in each photo she takes. And, that is why I love every session we have. It is also why I don't dread doing my Christmas cards each year... it's just so easy and I always love how good they look. 

She doesn't have to be your best friend to be this good, though. I assure you. She does a phenomenal job. Just phenomenal... with everyone. You can see that by looking at her blog, though. I don't have to sell it to you... her work speaks for itself.

In case you don't know who I'm talking about, it's Priscilla Baierlein Photography. If you haven't gone to her, you should book a session. At least once. She's incredible. Not because she's my best friend (but I do love her for that too). :)

While I contemplated not sharing the slideshow because it could potentially ruin the surprise of the Christmas cards, I just couldn't keep these to myself. They are just so adorable (my unbiased opinion, of course). 

We had so much fun in this session. The kids really had fun... especially because they were able to beat each other up with pillows... and I wasn't telling them to stop. Repeatedly. :) 

I'm sure the people at Masterson Station Park wondered why there were tons of white feathers all over the place - the wind was blowing them everywhere. Unfortunately they don't blow out of your vehicle as well. I keep finding them in the Escape. :) 

I digress... 

Check out the slideshow... if you want. :) Oh, and I love how she named it Bailey and Jakey. My poor son is going to hate us later for calling him Jakey. All the kids in Bailey's class know him as Jakey and they love to yell, "Hey, Jakey," as soon as he comes in the room. I can just see how much he's going to hate it when he goes to school in a few years and all of the "big kids" are calling him Jakey from down the hall. lol. He's totally going to hate us. Oh well... 

ANYWAY... here you go!