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Tuesday, December 28, 2010
I suppose you might think that I am missing in action.

I feel like I have been missing in action... electronically speaking. Or not really even electronically speaking... more like Internet speaking.

I have been disconnected. No Internet. Rarely even my cell phone. No Facebook (GASP!). No e-mail. And, as you all know, no blogging.

And, while I love my luxuries and being connected to the rest of you, I have to say that it has been quite nice.

Of course, now, I pay for it. Tons of pictures to upload, along with some video (possibly). A few posts to finish up on - you know the ones I "planned" to complete a week or so ago. ;) A few hundred e-mails to go through - mostly all junk, thankfully. And, some work from home for the job that I get paid to do. Reality is setting in. Christmas vacation is almost over.

But, not to worry. I'm not giving into the fantasy that I live in that says I will have my cake and eat it, too. Tomorrow is a day of fun at Perfect North Slopes, working on one of those list items... to teach the kids to ski. Brad's mom gave us money to go skiing on for Christmas and we had planned to go to Winterplace in West Virginia today, but plans changed when Bailey began throwing up last night. It seems she had a little stomach bug. After traveling to Lexington today and getting most of our stuff unpacked and put away, we decided that we could make the trip to Indiana (about an hour from here) to spend tomorrow on the slopes. Learning to snowboard will probably have to wait until another day. But we will attempt to teach our little ones tomorrow. Bailey has gone before. So, the true test will be with Jake. Hmmm.... 

I will report back as soon as I can. :)  

And, of course, will blog about our Christmas, as well. Just so you know... all went well. It was over too quickly, but it was one of the most relaxing Christmases we have had since having our children.

Wish us luck! :)