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Adding on...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

You have all been so patient in waiting. I am finally ready to add to my list. In celebration of my 30th birthday, here you go. Thirty new things for my list. 

I will probably never accomplish everything on my list, but I really can't say enough about how much focus it has given to me when thinking about what I want out of life. It has been a fascinating process, filled with lots of really fun and interesting conversations with so many people. It is incredible how just writing about the things that you think about "in your wildest dreams" can help you find common ground with so many people. I love it when I haven't heard from someone in years, or I have never met someone before in my life, and they contact me about something on my list or just on my blog. It just completely makes my day. 

I love this blog. I love all of my readers. I hope all of you aren't sick of me yet. :) And all of my smiley faces. :) 


Here are my 30 additions to the list:  :)

1. Run a half marathon 
2. Go white water rafting 
3. Restaurants on Man Versus Food - try some, but not sure how many yet. :) 
4. Go snow tubing at a ski resort 
5. Fly fishing 
6. Whale watching 
7. Pay It Forward at least one time each month for a year 
8. Go mountain biking at Snowshoe Mountain (or a similar place) 
9. Go to Dollywood with the kids 
10. Go to a professional football game (again) 
11. Run a marathon (Awww…. I don’t know about this one. I keep deleting it, so don’t be surprised if it comes off of here). 
12. Write a book… 
13. … get said book published. 
14. Take the kids on an airplane
15. Take a nap in a hammock 
16. Take a girls' trip with some of my favorite friends for more than just a day (thinking Nashville in April... :))
17. Visit all 50 states 
18. Take a cooking class 
19. Host a beer and/or bourbon and/or wine tasting party at our house 
20. Visit the tourist-y hot spots in Kentucky (ie the Bourbon Trail, Natural Bridge, Mammoth Caves, etc.)
21. Stay at the Greenbrier in West Virginia (not at the Greenbrier Inn – hahaha) 
22. Go to an auction and actually win something – a live auction, not Ebay people. :) Although, I love Ebay. I honestly don’t even care about what I’m buying most times… I just want to win. 
23. Use a cowbell at a high school football game (again)
24. Go on a cruise
25. Play racquetball
26. Take the kids on a train ride (probably in Cass, WV)
27. Try to ice skate (an attempt is enough to mark this off the list. I know "learning" to ice skate is unlikely. lol)
28. Go sailing on a sailboat
29. See the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center
30. Grow my blog to have at least 100 followers, officially


  1. Dawn said...:

    Ha Ha...once again we are blogging and posting on the same night and at the same time :)

    So #22 made me laugh out loud..loudly. That's hilarious and I can so relate.

    And of course I love #1, 11 and 16.

    When I move (some day) 3 of Man v. Food restaurants are in Columbus...you can come visit and we'll do a tour of food in Columbus :).

    Love #17 too. That was a goal of mine at one time in my life. I kind of forgot about it...I might steal for my list. And let me help you with #19. That'd be a blast. Maybe we should wait a few months though.

    Okay...ha...so I guess I have to stop saying all the things I love or I might cover them all. GREAT additions!! Loving your list!!