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Preparing for Christmas

Thursday, December 11, 2008
Well, this is at least the fourth post that I've started in the past month, only to give up because there's just too much for me to write about that I just can't decide what is most important. So... I'm just going to start randomly writing, hoping that I'll catch up on the past month or so with time.

The holidays are always my favorite time of year. They are also the most busy. Between traveling, shopping, concerts, baking, cooking, wrapping, well you already know the drill. It's A LOT! But, I'm enjoying it all. The Christmas music is always blaring in the car and at the office, and sometimes in our bedroom upstairs until Jake gets tired of it, shakes his finger at me, turns off the stereo, and says, "Don't." Too cute! He's also very interested in Santa. Not that he really understands the concept... he just likes the inflatable Santa outside and the Santa in the rocking chair inside. He's slightly intimidated by them, but really likes to point at them, saying, "Santa... ho,ho,ho."

Bailey, on the other hand, totally understands the concept of Santa and is eager to give us a variety of options for Santa to bring her on Christmas morning. She's a little curious about the fact that he is constantly watching. I think it has her a little scared, but is truly helping me in getting her to behave! :) I know... it's sad that I depend on that.

I'm feeling ADD today and I just have to say... I'm SO totally excited about Christmas!!! I can't wait to see the kids' faces on Christmas morning. Mom and I spent time early on the day after Thanksgiving to get some really awesome gifts for them and I just can't wait for them to see. I'll spill the beans after Christmas! :)

The one thing that I'm a little disappointed by is that the kiddos aren't that into Christmas movies. I LOVE Christmas movies... all the classics - Rudolph, Frosty, The Santa Clause... you name it and I love it. I'm sure that with time they will grow to love these classics just like me. I hope so. :)