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Making money...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008
For several months now, Bailey asks me why Brad and I have to go to work. My answer is always the same. I tell her about how we work so that we can have nice things, do fun things (like vacations, shopping, eating out, and going to places like Chuck E. Cheese's or the lake), and have food to eat and a place to live. She has often had various opinions about our jobs. At one point, she told a little boy at the playground that her daddy didn't have a good job and didn't make a lot of money. She proceeded to tell him that I did have a good job and made a lot of money. My, oh my, how misconstrued her perception was! Of course, I did explain to her that daddy does have a good job and that he makes a lot more money than mommy. After a lengthy conversation, I understood that the reason she thought my job was better than Brad's was because I get to spend more time with her and Jake. We thought that was pretty intelligent for a three-year old to understand!

Well, today I got to see Bailey's impression of our jobs firsthand. We were pretending - I was the little girl and Bailey was my mom. She pretended that she was at work and came home to see me and Jake. She hugged us and kissed us as she came in the room. Then, she said, "I have to sit this heavy bag down... it's got all the money I made today at work." She proceeded to act like she was heaving a huge sack of money (Santa style) and pretended to sling it on to the ground. I was trying to hide my laughter when I asked what she did at work to make all that money. Her response, as she moved her hands like she was typing, "I moved my hands as fast as I could on the computer and I made more and more money!"

I guess that's almost accurate! :)